Review of Agilent U1272A

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RoadTest: Agilent U1272A

Author: migration.user

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Evaluation Type: Independent Products

Did you receive all parts the manufacturer stated would be included in the package?: True

What other parts do you consider comparable to this product?: I would compare it to fluke/case naturally.alligator clips

What were the biggest problems encountered?: Not really a problem, but I could not figure out how to get it to read in Fahrenheit only Celsius. But to some I guess it could be..

Detailed Review:

First off thanks to all that allowed me to do this road test. Secondly this is my first ever review so I hope it's good.

My  first impression was that this is a very nice unit, documentation good,  they give you the test results for the meter.Very informative  instruction booklet.Solid, well made, just looking at it and you can  tell that it is durable.The unit itself is a nice size,  doesn't get  lost on a workbench or fall into an engine compartment easily.

Large  screen easy to read even from 3 feet away. And backlighting helps alot  when working late nights  running down electrical  problems on someones  vehicle.Continuity tone and other beeps are loud. Large dial and big  buttons are nice especially when wearing gloves.Leads are good and long  and the interchangeable probes are a nice touch and are easy to hold on  to. I   did not use all the functions on these meters.but what I did use  I used a lot on  a  range of things like trouble shooting home  electrical problems, home appliances,auto electrical, some circuit  testing, fuses, batteries. I even used the thermocoupler to check my  kids temp. (underarm of course)because the thermometer was broken, works  great.

All in all for the things I used this meter for I cant  complain one bit. It is one of the best made meters I've ever used.  Worth every penny, and I would highly recommend these to someone else.

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