Review of TI Piccolo Multi-DC/DC Color LED Kit

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RoadTest: TI Piccolo Multi-DC/DC Color LED Kit

Author: Stefan-xp

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Evaluation Type: Evaluation Boards

Did you receive all parts the manufacturer stated would be included in the package?: True

What other parts do you consider comparable to this product?:

What were the biggest problems encountered?: The Example was created with Code Composer Studio v4 ... I didn't gget it working with V5...

Detailed Review:

Hello People,  I'm happy to present my first Review today. :-)


This was the UPS Package :-)


This is the TI Piccolo Multi-DC/DC Color LED Kit Package


This is the Content of the Kit as seen after opening the Box :-)


This  is the content of the Kit without the Woodware :-). On the left the  "Mainboard" with controllercard inserted, then clockwise: LED-Difusor,  LED-Strips, USB-Cable, Power Connector... :-( ... , USB-Drive.


The Powersupply close-up, as you can see its an american powerplug, it doesn't match the german power outlets :-( fortunately the powersupply of my external HDD has the same specs and power jack! (12V@2A)


This is the assembled Kit. I prefered to download the TI Controlsuite in Advance.


With the included Software GUI it was a Matter of minutes to get the LEDs glowing :-)

This  is an example what it looks like when you use the Kit without  LED-Diffusor. The LED stripes are really bright, I think they are  brighter than my ceiling LED lamp, better use the LED-Diffusor ... ;-)


This is how it looks like with the Diffusor... Its a bit overexposed but you can see the colors on the Desk & Board.


The testing GUI works nicely, but better don't change Colors while the LEDs are fading.. check out this Video:


image Know its a bit short, but I think you get a better Impression by this Video than by the Images ;-)

Thanks to I got inspired to do some more tests with my TI Piccolo Multi-DC/DC Color LED Kit.

The Formfactor is a bit difficult to hande, but I managed it by low-tech ;-)


So I put the Kit on the edge and got my DSLR ready to shoot some Testpictures.

I used the following settings: Aperture: 1/1.4, Focallength: 30mm, Time: 1/60s, ISO: 400.

I think you yould get some nice Pictures with this settings ... but for now the couch is my Subject...

Lets see some shots:


Normal Room LED Lightning


6 White LEDs @ 0,1A


12 White LEDs @ 0,5A


Without Room lightning


All LEDs ON, White @0,5A, Colors @ ~90mA


This is Just for reference, made with the Speedlight 580EXII :-)


The near edge of the Couch was ~1,6m away, the far edge about 3m from the lightsource.

As  you can See the 12 LED setup works nicely, but I think at a DYI LED  Light / Flash there would be a need of at least 18 LUW W5AM 

In overview its awesome, I'm a lucky Roadtest winner!


I hope you enjoyed my short review!

So long, best regards, Stefan