Review of Freescale Xtrinsic Accelerometer Cube Demo

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RoadTest: Freescale Xtrinsic Accelerometer Cube Demo

Author: BikeViolin

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This part really is just a demo board, using it in any other application requires a programmer, the cheapest of which is around 70 GBP.

24 GBP for a board that gives a basic idea of the capabilities of this device doesn't really seem worth it to me.

The Demo software seems to be trying to demonstrate too many features at once, the interface is counter intuitive, individual colours have many different meanings depending on how the LEDs are flashing.  Having said that, the high-g, high frequency and freefall filters work nicely, as does the orientation sensing, there just needs to be a clearer difference betweent the three.

If you want to evaluate a device, you want to be able to access the main features of it, this product offers very limited breakout of device pins. Beside those required for programming, there is also an I2C slave interface broken out which is capable of upto 2MHz clock speed, any applications requiring higher speed interface have no use for this demo board, despite the device having an SPI slave interface with the same functionality.

Unless you are willing to spend the 100 GBP total to get a programmer aswell, this board is little more than a flashing toy which gives a basic demonstration of the devices human interface speed capabilities.

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  • To use this device over i2c with an arduino or raspberry pi would primarily require logic level translation, given you are only using one master, the scl line can just be pulled up to 1.8v instead of your devices supply rail, but the sda line will require active translation.  Since I2C uses active pull downs and passive pullups anyway you could get away with something like this.image