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RoadTest: Beaglebone

Author: avo3

Creation date:

Evaluation Type: Evaluation Boards

Did you receive all parts the manufacturer stated would be included in the package?: True

What other parts do you consider comparable to this product?: RaspberryPi

What were the biggest problems encountered?: Installing the usb drivers on Windows

Detailed Review:

I finally receive the packet from Element 14

BIG THANK`S Element 14


Could it be…


Yes, yes it is the BeagleBone (if You can see the smile on my face)


and the box included:


BeagleBone board in anti-static bag of course SAFETY FIRST


USB cable




the altoids can



wonder what is in side


SD 4 Gb sd card with Linux on it

Yep …”Explore Infinite Possibilies…”


Rest of statement on the paper so glad that they mensioned that the company not include the ethernet cable. They should write it on the box image

What more interesting the BeagleBoard is design to fit this altoid can perfectly or the can is design to fit the board image


But for the future You must be extra careful when You put the board in the can.




Because it is not equipped with rubber feet’s (LEARF) image

As a matter of fact the bottom side of the board is not protected against shortcut.

BE CAREFULLY  when You putting it on conductive surface.




So I just put out the BeagleBord out of the box. I choose the Windows XP as my system in with I will be working with the board.

I try to install the USB driver on it (included on the sd card) but it doesn’t work at all.

The on one of the forum I read that is big problem with FTDI drivers for that board, and I found out about another when I try to install drivers


"The language isn't support to Automatic installaion driver system"


so You must install some extra language for Windows.


Later I found this page which was very helpful:!topic/beagleboard/JpDZRx5jbTU


and another which I use to solve the FTDI driver problem:!msg/beagleboard/FlFYX3XPbO4/XdiTtv5J2fcJ




I finally use the Ethernet connection because I find out it will be the easiest way.

Just plug the board to the power supply and use the Ethernet cable to connect the board with Your router.

I use some program to find  the BeagleBoard ip address and just write it on the Mozilla Firefox (with I used).

And the friendly Cloud9 software appears with demo programs.

Of course the blinkLED was the first program I know way overkill image


In conclusion:


- for the usb connection at Windows software

- for the lack of bottom side cover against shortcut

- for the high price for the shield


+for the price of BeagleBone

+for the design

+for the cloud9 software

+for demo programs

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