Review of Agilent U1272A HH DMM and U1177A Bluetooth Adapter

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RoadTest: Agilent U1272A HH DMM and U1177A Bluetooth Adapter

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Evaluation Type: Independent Products

Did you receive all parts the manufacturer stated would be included in the package?: False

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What were the biggest problems encountered?: Documentation for IR-to-Bluetooth adapter covered pairing with a PC in PDF files. but no information about pairing with an Android device or what app was needed. Though, after some searches on google i found out this useful link given in Detailed Review.

Detailed Review:



                                          This turned up unexpectedly afternoon on 13th April 2012, delivered by a UPS driver who wanted  INR 5032  cash payment for VAT and fees, because it had been shipped from the US. It should have clear by Volunteer that there can be charges involved other than US contry. Though, Product is more worthy than this amount which i paid. Thank you element14.

           now, my close inspection been started. I see the Netwark and Element 14 logos peeking out from under the brown packing tape. I was so happy after recieving it. My heart started racing as it dawned on me my first Road Test had arrived, and it is in my hand!! I opend it up very quickly. From opening the box itself i was surprised to see how many different settings it had on it and is symbols. A really true RMS Handheld DMM.

Content Included: U1272A DMM, Thermocouple K Type, Certificate Of Calibration,  U1177A IR-to-Bluetooth adapter, Batteris, Probes, Mini manual.



Test Starts Here:

                                                First, I tested on some Previously made circuitry.- Voltage , Current Ratings, Capacitance And many more..... During this  testing i lso checked the LPF Output. It was nearly same as  Theoritical Value, I calculated before testing the value. Then I checked with AC motor Input voltage, input Current (with LPF and Without LPF). Really, It is Awesome DMM.  Now comes to Bluetooth testing. Stared my Android phone bluetooth and try to connect it. Connection established. But, It does't work without App. I downloaded App at Link given below. Then It was working Fantastically.  Bluetooth range is good at about 25-ft. Value was not deflecting much behind wall. To check this i built 555 timer IC Circuit and Some Op-Amp stuffs for Low level voltage Sinusoidal wave Generator. It was showing very Precisely.   Then i downloaded Datalogger Software from below Mentioned Link. It was very quick response, good communication between Multimeter and PC at 9600 baud rate.

                                                           For Temperature Measurement, after reading some instrunctions, I tested K Type Thermocouple in Very Hot Water ( Temp- 92.7 Degree Celsius) , refrigerator deep freezer ( Temp:  -11.4 Degree Celsius), Normal Room (Temp: 23 Degree Celsius). Room temperature can be also read on Top Right LED Screen.


                 So, Overall this is a great unit with more features then I can cover here. Some improvements can be made to the software package for the PC. I am rating this product as 9.9 / 10!!

Thank you element14 for this product!



Documents and Necessary Softwares:

Data Logger GUI Software available =>  here.

Data sheet available => here.

Demonstration Video => here.

Android App available => here.