Review of Texas Instruments DLP® LightCrafter™

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RoadTest: Texas Instruments DLP® LightCrafter™

Author: migration.user

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Evaluation Type: Evaluation Boards

Did you receive all parts the manufacturer stated would be included in the package?: False

What other parts do you consider comparable to this product?:

What were the biggest problems encountered?: power connector not stable

Detailed Review:

Hello this is my first Roadtest Review so forgive me if something is not correct/good and also forgive me that my English isn´t perfect




Only one thing was annoying me... that no power supply was included but I had one from a mini led beamer. Only the connectors where not the needed ones                     so I ordered some (the round version).
While I was waiting for it I looked into the software.

It´s not the best designed, but better than some other software I´ve seen.
There are a lot of options but one is bad, the only camera that was supported at the time I’ve written my review is the MT9V113. This camera is very expensive if you live in Germany so I decided to not get the camera.

After 2 days waiting (sadly I ordered after 12am) I got connectors and connected them to the power supply. I started the device but when I touched the power supply cable it got no power anymore. I don´t know if the connector onboard isn´t working or my soldered when I turn the connector it´s working again. So I ordered the connectors for the other power supply connect solution

Digi-Key part number: 455-1165-ND


These worked correctly and the test began. First I watched the test pictures these where perfectly shown on different surfaces.


Then I connected an hdmi device to test the video output. This looked really bad. I think it looked so bad because it wasn´t the native resolution, the bad thing was that part´s of the test pictures were shown at the bottom of the video, but the video quality was good and the light output good enough for getting an ca. 3,5m(diagonal) picture at 18:00.


I also tried to use the pc as input with a custom resolution which is the same as the native one all worked perfect.


Today I´m using it as reference screen (to see if I drilled the holes of the lines to close at each other and if they are too big or too small... (The 17th disk was perfect) for a mechanical TV.


In future I will use it for other activities eventually to build a “real” beamer with speaker where the board would be connected via plug´n´play.


I´ll be happy if somebody of you get an good idea because my main idea (using it onboard of an quadrocopter((a selfbuild one)the dlp would be used tor provide the actual config, getting light effects on the plexi(would make seeing front and back better) hull or sending light coded data) failed because with the dlp mounted it wasn´t able to fly the normal height of 20 meters and also the Lipo didn´t had enough power for flying the 30 minutes… eventually it will work if I will use some better brushless some better propeller and carbon instead of aluminium…


If you want some other information´s I will try to provide you them if you want some other pictures I´ll try to get them uploaded at some other sites.