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RoadTest: PiFace Digital

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I was finally able to get back on my 'family calendar' system and use the PiFace as a easy way to provide I/O to my system.  Bascially, my project (still a work in process), uses the Raspberry Pi as the small computer that talks to our families Google Calendar.  I have a small LCD display that displays the calendar and I was anxious to use the PiFace to provide user I/O to the system.  My goal it so have a small, self contained box that contains the display, Raspberry Pi, PiFace, and various buttons and indicators.  I don't have a keyboard or mouse attached to provide input, it all comes through the PiFace I/O.


So far the PiFace as performed very well.  I was able to simply setup the input buttons that control my calendar (switching views and months), as well as provide some indicators of certain events (yellow LED to indicate an upcoming event). 


I had no trouble at all using the PiFace at all and would recommend it to anyone who needs a some quick interface points without having to wire up a beardboard circuit.  The PiFace handled all of those tasks without the need of an extra circuit board.  Although my project is a work in process, the PiFace allowed me to get up and going in a hurry.