Review of Agilent U1273AX Handheld Digital Multimeter

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RoadTest: Agilent U1273AX Handheld Digital Multimeter

Author: migration.user

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Evaluation Type: Independent Products

Did you receive all parts the manufacturer stated would be included in the package?: True

What other parts do you consider comparable to this product?: FLUKE - 115

What were the biggest problems encountered?: Nearly perfect for me ! I would prefer a rechargeable system with li-po batteries...

Detailed Review:

Firstly I would like to thank Element14 and Agilent who gave me the opportunity to roadtest this multimeter !

The package include :

- Multimeter

- bluetooth module (shipped later by Agilent)

- Standard test leads

- test probes with 4-mm tips

- K-type thermocouple

- Lithium Batteries


The first impression is that multimeter is well ruggedized, IP-54 needed joint on rear door for batteries...

The Oled display is quite readable even outdoor in direct sunlight conditions ! I didn"t have any test with negative temperatures and condensation but it seems ready to support harsh environemental conditions.


The overall size is a bit bigger than my current multimeter but its quite easy to handle.

I did some tests with capacitor measurement and it seems quite accurate.

I had some tests also with the thermocouple... and got a very accurate temperature also, very close to our reference calibrated thermometer.

I didn't have any tests with the bluetooth module yet but I prefer to log measurement directly on my computer Lab rather than on android gadgets !

Reading docs show that bluetooth protocol is spp and Agilent GUI Data Logger can be found here :

This one shows the setup of the module :

And this one the configuration guide :

To conclude this multimeter is very well rugedized and ready for the worst temperatures (-40 to 55°c)  and humitdity conditions (80%RH)  ! The display is quite readable in direct sunlight.

The interface is quite usual, I didn't felt lost in settings.

The lithium batteries offers long time but I would prefer rechargeables ones... but not sure to find batteries for this temperature range.