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RoadTest: TI Haptics Enabled Gaming Controller BoosterPack

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Hello Element 14 viewers,


This is a review of the Texas Instruments Hap-Touch BoosterPack. The BoosterPack is a shield for the MSP 430 Launchpad. The LaunchPad is required to use the BoosterPack. When connected to the LaunchPad the BoosterPack can be programmed to be a PC game controller and to do many other functions. Out of the box, there two interactive states.






The Sequence State utilizes the four capacitive touch buttons ,not including the arrowpad, to activate the four sequences. The sequences are the Dice, Explosion, Machine Gun and Strong Heartbeat sequences. All four sequences use either the LRA or ERM actuators to perform the haptics effects. In the Effects state all 122 haptics effects can be activated. You can enter the Effects State by pressing the right button and exit by unplugging the power from the booster pack then plugging it back in. Once in the Effects State by pressing the right button you are of the buttons by simply pressing the right button again. Using ERM/LRA actuator switch you can select allow the device to have strong more defined or soft very precise vibrations in either state.


In conclusion, if you need a capacitive touch device to control your project or just want to have fun with some cool haptics modes, I would highly recommend the Haptouch BoosterPack from Texas Instruments.


Have a nice day!

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