The Internet of Holiday Lights RoadTest Plus - Review

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RoadTest: The Internet of Holiday Lights RoadTest Plus

Author: saurocksall

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Evaluation Type: Independent Products

Did you receive all parts the manufacturer stated would be included in the package?: True

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Detailed Review:

1). Arduino YUN :

                            Arduino YUN is awesome arduino with 2 brains, an Arduino one and Linux one, both communicate with each other flawlessly, the "Bridge" library is well explained and has lots of useful examples, I used the " MailboxReadMessage " as an start point for my project, YUN connects to the Wi-Fi quickly and some times has more range than my phone or laptop even. I used it in my final build, when I needed to give commands via a wab browser to chang the color of the RGB led strip.



The initial setup is easy and well documented by Julion Illet, Watch his Videos here :




YUN connects to the Wi-Fi fast but still doesn't show up in the IDE sometimes, and sometimes it takes 3-4 trys before the program gets uploaded, I think more work is needed to be done on the IDE. I can't say that I have completely explored the YUN, but it is promising piece of hardware. 

2). Arduino UNO : Arduino UNO is as always awesome, i had one for the last 3 years it work as a charm, I had the R3 which I bought in 2012, but the newer one looks more awesome, specially the color. I used the UNO when I was sending commands via a IR remote .


  Uno as always is a char to work with, and its the best for beginners..

3). Infineon RGB Shield :

                                               Infineon RGB shield was the center piece of my three methods, its easy to use, built well, looks good, does its job well, buts there is a lack of documentation on it, the examples on Infineon RGB shield are a little difficult to understand, but once you get it, they are easy to work with. I missed a barrel jack in the shield, it should have been there, or at least empty pads for a barrel jack, But the on board connectors for the RGB LED strip are AWESOME kudos for those. I had to power the Arduino and The Shield Separately, that could have been avoided. also it does not come with extended female headers like other shields do, those should have been included in the package, so minus 1 for those..


Finally I would like to say that the experience with the three was pleasing and fun, happy to have them, will enjoy working on my new UNO and more on YUN....image