The Internet of Holiday Lights RoadTest Plus - Review

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RoadTest: The Internet of Holiday Lights RoadTest Plus

Author: vaghasiamadhuri

Creation date:

Evaluation Type: Evaluation Boards

Did you receive all parts the manufacturer stated would be included in the package?: True

What other parts do you consider comparable to this product?: null

What were the biggest problems encountered?: Not such big problem I have faced but I am having problem to access Arduino Yun using URL on windows PC but I have used IP Address to avoid this issue...

Detailed Review:

Arduino UNO : I am very little person to say About Arduino UNO...Millions of people around the world are using Arduino UNO...And I have started to learn Embedded Systems with this great board...


Arduino Yun : This board is really good to go step ahead from normal Arduino board with only mcu on board... If application needs eathernet, Wifi, USB communication and it also needs kind of Little operating system (Like OpenWRT Linux) then Arduino Yun will be very good solution.


Infineon RGB LED Control Shield : Really very good experience for controlling LED lighting with this arduino shield formfactor board.. All burden of LED control goes to this board while Arduino is free to handle other important tasks..

Eclipse IoT Platform : For the shake of simplicity, I have just used Rest API for remote communication between Arduino Yun and PC/Android Application. But mqtt/CoAP can be easily implemented with modifications in code of my application..

Here is Pic of my Demo Setup..


Here is Demo Video of my IoT Holiday Light Application Designed with Arduino Yun and Infineon RGB LED Control shield..



Here are links of my blog posts to know more about my application... Its completely open Source... so feel free to use/modify codes, schematics and GUI Application..


My IoT Holiday Lightings...#1: Introduction

My IoT Holiday Lightings...#2: First prototype

My IoT Holiday Lightings...#3 some more options Added

My IoT Holiday Lightings...#3: Second prototype with Music Controlled lightings and more options..

My IoT Holiday Lightings...#4: Final Build 1

The last Blog post My IoT Holiday Lighting...#5: Final Build 2 contains all the codes and application in open source domain..

Thanks to element14,Arduino, Infineon and eclipse for selecting my application and


Thanks to element14 arduino communityThe specified item was not found. to help me a lot while designing this application