NXP NTAG I²C Demo Kit - Review

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RoadTest: NXP NTAG I²C Demo Kit

Author: armour999

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Evaluation Type: Independent Products

Did you receive all parts the manufacturer stated would be included in the package?: True

What other parts do you consider comparable to this product?: I did use other Android apps for testing such as Smart Tags and NXP TagInfo.

What were the biggest problems encountered?: The biggest challenge was to find a NFC enabled device to allow the NTAD I2C Demo app to work. After having several friends download the app and receive a communication failure - I was finally able to get app to run on my friend's Nexus 7 tablet. Thanks Robbie !

Detailed Review:

NXP NtagI2C Demo Board





Thank you Element 14 and NXT for the chance to Road Test the NTAG I2C demo board. The kit was nicely packaged with information on both sides. They also included 10 sample chips.









I used the Blackberry Z10 that is NFC enabled. I side loaded an application called SNAP to have a front door to Google Playstore. I did not know about SNAP until I applied for the Road Test. Now with access to all the apps in the store I was on a roll. The first app I downloaded was the NXP NtagI2C Demo Board. I had the NFC enabled on the Z10 but when I tapped the tag , nothing happened. The LED lights would not come on. I thought this may be and issue with the Blackberry Z10 so tried some other apps and was able to retrieve some information and Read / Write to the tag. I had three friends with three different Android smart phones download the application and tap the tag but all received a communication error. Another friend with a Lexus 7 tablet tried and it worked ! So the issue was not with the Blackberry but appears to be related to the software. I was able to use the app to turn on the LEDS and demonstrate the bi directional flow of data between the demo board and the tablet. When the buttons were pushed on the demo board the selected colour was highlighted on the app. I was unable to retrieve any data for NDEF, Speed  or Config with the app. There were no error messages. But I was able to test the features and was impressed.










The board uses Energy Harvesting from the NFC enabled device so requires no batteries. It was interesting  to see the LED lights using the NFC power from the phone.




  1. The use of Pass Through mode allows a fast down load using SRAM memory. In one test I set up a Facebook page for our companion dog with contact information I wrote the record to the tag and when I tapped the tag his page came up extremely fast.
  2. I2C interface allows the IC to communicate when the chip is powered by an external device. This eliminates the need for a terminal or NFC reader for interaction. You can simply use your NFC enabled phone or tablet to program the tag. Since there are so many free apps to install you have a wide range of choices. As a developer there  is also the MIFARE_SDK_lite that I have been exploring. 

  3. Security is a hot topic in IT. This technology is more secure than WiFi and Blue tooth. If you want to exchange data about an event or product than this a secure and fast way to do this. And this is a lower cost to implement.




The Blackberry was compatible with the NXT Tag Info app. I was able to get information on payload and the URI record for a Geolocation.





I used an application called Smart Tags to read and write several different records and it worked flawlessly. I created a tag for Geolocation, Websites and to send messages. I also setup a Facebook for Mac . A tag on his collar that could  scanned  and load current contact info would be awesome. Cats need this too.



My original submission was to provide education to the public about animal welfare issues with the use of Smart Posters. The people in major urban centres do not actively seek out information on animal welfare issues. The NtagI2C  is a creative and low cost solution to make people aware. I tested the websites for our Cat Action Team on PEI that help our feral cat population. The loading of the website was fast and includes the donation section. I also tested IFAW .







There is so much potential for NFC technology. A secure way to engage you audience and allow them in a paperless environment to learn about your cause, product or event. I only have scratched the surface and look forward to the development of the NtagI2C to help animals.