TI HDC1000EVM Sensor Evaluation Module - Review

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RoadTest: TI HDC1000EVM Sensor Evaluation Module

Author: migration.user

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Evaluation Type: Evaluation Boards

Did you receive all parts the manufacturer stated would be included in the package?: True

What other parts do you consider comparable to this product?: Considered off-the-shelf digital thermometer that would be used to measure soil temperatures of peppers and tomatoes, where manual data entry would be necessary.

What were the biggest problems encountered?: The largest problem with this evaluation unit was there is no housing hardware associated, or included, with this sensor. As a mechanical design engineer I was able to use a thermoforming technique to protect the sensor from the soil and water used in this vertical growing system. The only other aspect of this product I didn't feel excited about was a user experience factor related to the module's GUI. The GUI uses a scroll bar to adjust the sampling rate. This isn't really a serious issue, really just depends on personal preference.

Detailed Review:

TI HDC 1000EVM Sensor Module Review:


[] Application:

     --> Soil Temperature Monitor in Vertical Growing System of Varietal Peppers

     --> This project was created with the intention to develop a statistical model that would demonstrate the relationship between measured factors such as pepper plant stem lengths, soil temperatures, vertical growing system, water treatment volumes, time of measurement, and direct sunlight exposure times. Statistical analysis will be performed using Minitab. Data collected was also used to detect when the temperature dropped below, or above, specified values.


[] Role:

     --> Soil Temperature Sensor and Data Collection

     --> How it was used:

     --> This sensor was used to measure soil temperatures of peppers and tomatoes. The sensor continuously monitored soil temperatures for a week. For statistical analysis, data recorded was saved to a CSV file once a day via GUI.


[] Performance:

     --> As expected, this TI sensor module worked reliably and without incident over a one week continuous monitoring state. I was pleased to see how user friendly the included GUI application that is provided for free was able to provide everything I was hoping for with a measurement system. This GUI allowed for CSV file creation, average temperature display, graphical representation, and sample rate modification. The system overall is plug and play. A driver is downloaded for the sensor, then the GUI application, and it's that simple. Plug in the sensor to a computer via USB, open the GUI, and start recording data. For this project I used a thermoforming technique to create a protective casing for the sensor, and verified sensor performance was unchanged before and after this modification. All sensor specs listed in the product guide seemingly held up based on my experience.


[] Personal Experience:

     --> I definitely plan to use this module in future applications, and would absolutely purchase additional units. This RoadTest experience has been a meaningful one, not only for my engineering education, but also for having such a great customer experience with the element14 team. The communication has been open and clear, and the user experience through this website truly is an exciting one. This community based team really cares about their products, users, and the engineering innovations that this community can provide. For these efforts, I'd like to just give thanks to the whole RoadTest team.


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Logan Laszczyk

Product Development Engineer

Instagram: logan_la