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RoadTest: Multicomp Pro MP750511 Arbitrary Waveform Generator

Author: mjhughes

Creation date:

Evaluation Type: Test Equipment

Did you receive all parts the manufacturer stated would be included in the package?: False

What other parts do you consider comparable to this product?: OWON XDS3064AE

What were the biggest problems encountered?: The drivers were not digitally signed, and the software is for a version of windows that's a couple versions old.

Detailed Review:

The MP750511 is a decent bit of kit.

The device does everything you'd expect an AWG to do -- and has an impressive library of built-in waveforms.  I was able to use it in an automated testing environment via the RJ45 jack.

One complaint is that the drivers and software come on a CD-ROM (not popular anymore) and are not available on the website at the time of review.  Additionally, the drivers are not digitally signed, so to get the USB port to work, you've got to lower the security of your entire system.  (Disable S-Mode and/or allow unsigned drivers).

You can connect to the device via RJ45, however, it does not appear to have mDNS enabled on the device -- so you've got to know what the IP address is and how to manually configure VISA resources.  (e.g.  TCPIP::

The device I tested had a max frequency output of 60 MHz, but they go up to 100 MHz.  

For the price point, it's a nice device.  If you want to get into ultra-low jitter devices, you're going to pay for it.  It's not a fair comparison to $10k instruments.

The video below shows me remotely programming the MP750511 and using it to freeze time with a bespoke laser stroboscope.  Oh, and the video has dad jokes, lots and lots of dad jokes.  Enjoy!

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