ModusToolbox for PSoC 62S2 evaluation

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RoadTest: Enroll to Review ModusToolbox™ Software with the Infineon PSoC™ 62S2 Evaluation Kit

Author: pandoramc

Creation date:

Evaluation Type: Development Boards & Tools

Did you receive all parts the manufacturer stated would be included in the package?: True

What other parts do you consider comparable to this product?: AMD FPGA, Anadigm FPAA

What were the biggest problems encountered?: The update from PSoC Creator to Modus Toolbox for some interfaces and device support. I need internet access to load some componets in the softeare

Detailed Review:

The first thing that I miss is the Schematic tool to define which components are included in the internal design and what other external components must be used to achieve the correct system behavior, like the figure below,


This diagram, which is an example from PSoC Creator, represents a PWM signal generation, Fixed or from a UDB, that will activate an external LED from an external switch. We are able to configure the PWM peripheral properties and the pin behavior for our system


Since I used the PSoC 5LP some years ago, I miss this feature in the Modus Toolbox. No worries about that, this new interface brings an elegant and simple interface to configure each component in the system and improved approach about the PSoC usage in the lastest topic like Machine Learning.

The interface has similarity with the PSoC Creator in order to adopt the new software. An example is the Device Configurator, where we are able to configure each pin in the IC. Some terminals are reserved since they are used to connect the WiFi M.2 device. Remember, we are using the 6S2S kit, which have hard connected devices, where we can connect Arduino or mikroBUS form factor peripherals.

image          image

The interface is very illustrative, but we are not able to configure in the route mapping. you can activate auxiliar tools in order to reconfigure analog and digital pin assigment.

An interesting tool included here is the CAPSENSE Tuner. This tool is able to sense the user interaction for error traceability.


In addition to,it is possible to see the sensor data from the PSoC measures. To use the interface, your project must have the capsense middleware, particularly, the


The tool Smart I/O configurator brings an interactive way to make internal connections in the PSoC, and define the behaviour of auxiliar components as Truth Tables

image          image

The diagram above has an error since the LUT manages three inputs, consequently, allof those connections must have an interface to construct the table. After that, in the chain icon in the right upper corner we can clic it and the sotware will redirect to the truth table