Testing, Review and Out Of Box (OOB) Experience for Schurter Smart Connector DT31

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RoadTest: Enroll to Review the Schurter Smart Connector DT31

Author: bhavikbhansali

Creation date:

Evaluation Type: Connectors & Cable

Did you receive all parts the manufacturer stated would be included in the package?: True

What other parts do you consider comparable to this product?: Wipro 10A smart plug with Energy monitoring, QUBO 16A Wifi + BT Smart Plug, QUBO 10A Wifi + BT Smart Plug, Sonoff Smart Plug, Syska Smart Plug

What were the biggest problems encountered?: Wi-Fi Connection is not stable and reconnection is not working properly. The data update interval is 1 minute. Legging in control is very high. Timer based control is missing. Custom Adjustment’s in App and Web dashboard is not available.

Detailed Review:

Device Came properly as per their secure packaging. But I think was opened by the customs office for a security check and we cannot really do anything for that. Overall packaging is fine and I am satisfied but still feel that there is some room to make it more attractive. I also received a letter from Schurter to address as RoadTester.

Detailed Review:
Currently, we have always seen that there are many wires and extension boards lying around the table which is not smart enough. Also, those devices will not tell the details about the various data which leads us to opt for the smart connector for the same I reviewed the Schurter DT31 Smart connector which has the option to monitor the Current, Voltage, Energy and Power consumption remotely and can control the state of the appliances which are "On" & "Off" only. This monitoring and control device is useful in many cases and also, and it will help us to make our old stuff smarter with lower cost and fewer modifications and less space required which is why this is amazing.

Schurter Smart Connector DT31 - Unboxing Video

Device Photos:
Schurter Smart Connector DT31 Top View

Schurter Smart Connector DT31 Side View

Schurter Smart Connector DT31 Monitor

Dashboard (Mobile View):

Schurter Smart Connector DT31 Mobile Dashboard

Schurter Smart Connector DT31 Mobile Dashboard

Dashboard (PC/Laptop View):

Schurter Smart Connector DT31 Dashboard Laptop View

After Careful use and reviewing it with details, I came across that the design is good and clean. Device setup is also very easy and straightforward. Also, it works with Wi-Fi only to send data to the cloud and works with setup is only done with Bluetooth which is a bit strange.

Also, need to consider that the dashboard is not properly designed or configured for DT31 instead they use common options for all other available devices.



  • Easy to use – Easy to use with Application/Website or on-device button.
  • Easy to set up – First-time setup is very easy and straightforward and well-guided from the app as well.
  • Connector option – It comes with an IEC 60320 C14 connector which is compatible with old gen devices.
  • Led Indicators – This will help to identify the device’s working state.


  • Size – Overall the size is proper for an off-the-self-monitoring device.
  • Wire Length - The connector wire is long in length which makes this device bulky and also in a clean setup it creates trouble. Otherwise, the wire can be softer so it is easy to adjust as needed.
  • Delay in Controlling – It was observed that when a control command is sent through the app/web it takes around 3-5second of time to change the state.
  • Dashboard features - Mainly cannot see older data that are beyond 3 days.
  • Timer base control is missing – We cannot schedule the controlling
  • Data logging rate - Currently it is operating at 1 minute which is not up to the mark. Also, we cannot set it as needed.
  • Wi-Fi reconnection - Wi-Fi reconnection is not stable when it tries to reconnect to the network. It was observed that even when a Wi-Fi network was available but still device didn’t connect to it.


The overall device is good to go for remote monitoring and wireless control. It meets its technical claims but still, there are few areas of improvement. It is good for monitoring and logging electrical parameters with 1 minute of data logging interval. The good point is it is very straightforward to make old-gen devices smart with just one smart connector.