Smart Power connector for Home devices

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RoadTest: Enroll to Review the Schurter Smart Connector DT31

Author: swathic

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Evaluation Type: Power Supplies

Did you receive all parts the manufacturer stated would be included in the package?: True

What other parts do you consider comparable to this product?: As of my knowledge the present roadtest device is better to control the device remotely.

What were the biggest problems encountered?: The data window cannot be adjusted in app for power, current and it will be displayed for 24 hrs.

Detailed Review:

                   In present days the smart devices are becoming more and more in households, offices, industries, hospitals, etc. The devices run with power supply connected with extension board socket and multiple pin plugs. This is the quite common method followed by everyone, it seems to be danger when it gets overloaded and causes fire accidents due to overheat. There is necessity to know the power delivered or consumption for time to time and should protect the devices from damaging. In this case a smart power connected is required to caution when it is delivering over voltage, current, power and power factor values.

The Schurter Smart Connector DT31 roadtest content, it has the salient feature to monitor the power delivers to the devices in home, offices, industries and etc. As the roadtest kit is "plug and play" Smart Connector DT31 can be connected to any device to provide Wi-Fi/Bluetooth connectivity. In addition to the basic functions, the Smart Connector can be programmed according to the customer's needs. The Smart Connector DT31 with cloud connectivity via the SCHURTER Smart App offers an efficient solution to accurately capture, analyze, and manage the utilization, maintenance, and usage behavior of the connected device is the main advantage for the users. 

I have conducted test on different appliances and devices below are the figures shown as the reference. I named my device connector as SWEET (Schurter Wireless Enable Energy Tester) kit First I have connected two laptops and checked the power consumption, both they are fine working consuming less power.

Next I connected high power utilizing appliance like wall mount fan, Water dispenser which as hot and cold water dispense. When the heater and chiller are switched ON the power consumption is more. The below figure shows how they are consuming more power.

The test was continued for different electric bulbs and more illuminations were shown in the video. The video has out-of-box, Smart app usage, control (ON/OFF) the appliances wirelessly and manually.


The Schurter Smart Connector DT31 can be used in multiple ways to ON/OFF devices remotely. The Smart connector DT31 kit can also be used to test the performance of the old devices by monitoring its voltage, current, power factor values. Understanding Power Factor (PF) is important as it gives us a clear understanding of the efficiency of the electrical system. Schurter Smart Connector DT31 to connect different devices like LED TV, sound bars, Game station, smart watch charger, mobile charger, Night lamp, electric cooker and etc for a common power strip to monitor the voltage, current, power, power factor values during their usage.

Recommendations: The device can be easily used for individual device are multiple devices with the extension board. 

More details about product documentation are available in the roadtest page.