PICOSCOPE 2204A -  USB Oscilloscope - Review

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RoadTest: PICOSCOPE 2204A -  USB Oscilloscope

Author: s2000gt

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Evaluation Type: Test Equipment

Did you receive all parts the manufacturer stated would be included in the package?: True

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Detailed Review:



The Picoscope 2204A is a 10 Mhz, 2 channel USB oscilloscope.


While this is just the entry level scope that pico offers, it comes with everything needed to get started.





Multiple viewing windows for scope, xy and spectrum.


Function generator has multiple waveform selections.



Arbitrary waveform generator features an easy to use editor. Waveforms from the scope can be copied

directly into the editor for signal injection.



Serial decoder features many popular protocols.



Mask limit testing is easy to set up


So many options in this software,  would be hard to cover everything.



Function Generator Tests


10Khz FFT


With pink noise source


and with white noise


AM sine wave



Audio Frequency Tests


Not exactly a piece of test gear, but a source of some audio examples.


440hz tuning, looks good.


Kick and Snare drum


Synth Pad zoom and persistence mode


low string and chorus samples


Final Thought


The best thing about this unit is the fact the you get the same software regardless if you have the entry level unit

or one of their top end units, which means you get a top quality software that is well supported.

This is a great little scope to learn on or use as a hobbyist.