Analog System Lab Kit (STEM Product) - Review

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RoadTest: Analog System Lab Kit (STEM Product)

Author: sorin.moisa

Creation date:

Evaluation Type: Development Boards & Tools

Did you receive all parts the manufacturer stated would be included in the package?: True

What other parts do you consider comparable to this product?: null

What were the biggest problems encountered?: the double 10 Volt power supply was unusual and a litle dificult to find

Detailed Review:

Hello friends.


First of all thank you for choosing me on testing this board . I really appreciate it.


As expected all the promised tools are delivered nice and neatly inside the box.

They are separated by type of connectors which is handy when working with a lot of wires in the design .


I like the fact that the documentation is wider than what it is provided in the user manual of the board.

At the end of the book there are a lot of links for the student to find out more about the experiments.

The printed manual is verry comprehensive and includes a lot of experiments to be done.

The nice thing is that the manual can be found in pdf format online, at this link .

So in the case of not finding the manual it is nice to know that it can be found online as a backup.

It comes only in English so it should not be a problem. Maybe a few more languages would be nice to have.






The board itself is of very high quality PCB. The fact that most of the IC's are in pdip case

it is very useful because experiments tend to burn or destroy the circuits. All

the components on the board are marked so you will make no mistake when identifying or designing the circuit.

There are only 4 smd IC's ( 2 DAC and 2 for DC converter) and they will be hard to replace if they will break.

I would have preferred that the DAC's were in PDIP case just in case they broke.

Also I would have prefered an ADC converter onboard for tests but that it is not a big inconvenient.

Since there is also an prototyping area it is easy to put that adc to test over there.





The power supply is an 10 Volt positive and negative type so that it is a little bit unusual.

Personally I have used a double power supply of 10 but also tested it at 5 volts for experiments with OPAMP and it works just fine as

long as the voltages are symmetric. The provided documentation does not say anything about the voltage range of the supply.




In the following image there is one of the inverting OPAMP configurations provided in the book.

Very easy to understand the schematic and the principle given the book that came with it.






Conclusions about the Analog System Lab Kit:

- very useful in understanding the analog circuitry with limitless types of schematics that can be build

- the pcb is of high quality and very resistant . it can resist most of the handling that can happen with students and beginners in electronics

- the power suplly is unusual but it can be used also lower symetric voltages

- it can be used at whatever the level of the skills the student is. the board does not make a distinction between an advanced or a beginner, it has experiments for both