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RoadTest: Cool Tools: 34-Piece Maintenance Tool Kit

Author: mstewart197930

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Evaluation Type: Workshop Tools

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Thank you Element14 for choosing me to review this toolkit, was very excited when the e-mail arrived....


When the package arrived my 6 year old was excited to open it (as he always it when I receive a package with electronics or tools).

My son beat me to opening it and proclaimed "its just a black case", until he opened the case and then it was what's that one for, what does that one do....

so, to start off, the case looks portable, easy to carry and very handy for chucking on the back seat of the car if going to do a quick job.


The Tools within:-


Screw Bits

Fiddly bits case

Allen Key set.

Static Strap (My son was very intrigued with this one.

Screw Driver


Wire Strippers


Quick Screw Driver (posi and Flat head)

Fetch tool for retrieving small parts dropped inside equipment (happens a lot to me)

Extended Screw Bit

Chip Removal Tool.



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Gave my kids the toolkit, a floppy drive and cdrom drive to dismantle to try out some of the tools.

In this they just ended up using the screw driver bits/screw driver and the Quick screw driver between them.

They both managed to get them apart to the point where I would later salvage the the bits, so that was a pass....


Desktop Computer.

Gave the lads the toolkit again and this time an old desktop computer from work to have a go at dismantling.

again both had no issues with the case or removing the motherboard and PSU, although i had to tweak a couple of the tighter screws for them.

The older one I had given the Anti-Static strap to and hooked it up to an earth only plug.


Flashing Minecraft Steve.

This one was one for me to do, although My eldest did the design work, choosing the LED's and placing them.

Retrieved a battery cell holder from a circuit board i use that has no need for battery backup, used the pliers to hold the cell holder whilst heating the solder side,

no problems removing the cell using the pliers.

Secondly was scoring a piece of stripboard to the correct size for the circuit(Thinking about it would have liked a craft knife in the kit, but i suppose it is an PC basic maintenance toolkit not an electronics one)

Used the pliers to break the circuit board along the Score lines, although these pliers are small in size they feel sturdy and strong.

Next needed some wires stripping to wire to the LED's, wire strippers here I come, Sripped both ends of the wires with ease and was pleasantly surprised.

I normally use a pair of automatic wire strippers, and have always found them a little hit and miss, but obviously using the manual ones easy straight forwards and in control, think i may switch to these from my others.


Soldered the board together and below is the result, the LED's are slow colour changing ones, would have posted a video but wont allow it.



Headphone Repair.

OK, bought a pair of second hand headphones, got them home and low and behold, they didnt work, after gently feeling along the wire, the wire was deformed in places, so guessing broken internally.

First job cut off the old wires, no problmes here with the multifiction pliers, cut straight throught as i expected.

Retrieved some other headphone cable I had laying around, desoldered the old wire. Stripped the wire the wire strippers, still surprised how muich i do like these, always thought manual ones would be cumbersome, they did the job perfectly.

Finished, all soldered up and working perfectly.


Trip to Work.

Next usage, decided to slip the kit into my works bag and take em to work with me, as I am currently working on a rack, re-arranging some of the equipment.


My laptop rucksaw is getting a little worse for wear loooking at this, but the case slipped easily into the bag, so a good size for transporting.


First job replace fan in PSU for old server.

The slim double ended screwdriver was ideal, for accessing the screws, the larger screw driver would not fit.



Fan was removed and replaced easily.


Chip Removal

Next, just out of curiosity as it proved no real purpose, removed a bios chip from an old board.



Although the tool did the job, I do prefer the chip removal tool with silicon over the grabbing part, just to give a bit more grip.




Rack Re-Work

Last job at work was re-arranging some items in a rack.

This one needed the real screwdriver as the screws were quite firmly tightened.


The Screw driver worked as expected, even with the really tight screws.


Only thing I do like in a toolkit that wasnt in this is a craft knife, as they come in handy for many thanks, mine is below.





Over all I am very pleased with the set and have found a new tool that I am in love with and that is the wire strippers, cant believe I have never owned a manual pair of strippers....

I have found that the little plastic box is also handy, as when the kids where salvaging parts, i asked them to put all the small screws etc into the boxes.

Overall a handy toolkit to have with you, ok not the best top quality tools, but all practical and what is needed.




UPDATE 21/05/2019

OK, been using this for quite a while now, and very intensivly recently as ive been asked to build a dev test rig on our new office floor, so four racks of servers and PLC equipment to install.

still an amazing toolkit, everything i have needed to build the racks and put the equipment together.

Only thing that has happened with the toolkit is with the screw driver, didnt realise the top of it was just a cap and that has fallen off and been lost, so now the handle slides up and down the shaft:-

1: Showing end cap missing


2: Showing that the handle now slides up adn down the shaft.



I would only class this as minor as the screw driver is still fully functional.

One tool i didnt think i would use in the toolkit has come in real handy, there is a little red grabbing tool, and the amount of times

I have lost dropped the rack fixings into the metal framework and retrieved using this i cant count on two hands....

I have recomended this toolkit to colleagues due to the compact size and usability.
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