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RoadTest: BLE Sensor Tag Demo Module for Android/iOS

Author: thamizharasan

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Unboxing the BLE Sensor Tag Demo Module


It was a pretty keychain sized module, with all sensors integrated.

There is Nothing much to do on cabling / connectivity, due to the nature of the device.


Introducion - BLE Sensor Tag Demo Module

The sensor tag demo V1.1 reports humidity, temperature and barometric pressure through a standard low power 2.4GHz wireless communication protocol.
(based on the MEAS low power digital component sensors HTU21D(F) for Relative Humidity & Temperature and MEAS ultra-compact micro-altimeter MS5637)


Reference Datasheets:

  • HPC199
  • DA5637-02BA03


Sensors Integrated / Embedded:

  • Humidity
  • Air Pressure / Altitude
  • Temperature


Sensor Range:

  • Standard 2.4GHz Wireless Communication Tag
  • Humidity: 0 - 100% RH
  • Temperature: -20°C to +85°C
  • Pressure: 300 to 1,200mBar
  • iOS, Android™ and Windows® PC Compatible



The module is powered with a coin battery and i used 'CR2032'.



There is a micro-switch that does 3 functions basically,

  • Power-ON (short-press)
  • Bluetooth Scan (long-press)
  • Power-OFF (short-press)


The best part of the design is the very low power consumption, due to two reasons:

  • There is NO embedded Display that draws more power.
  • The module is connected via BLE.
  • You make use of your Mobile Phone's display as the primary display for this module.


Operational Power Source:

A Coin battery gives a life of 1year approximately, with every second Sensor Data measure frequency.



The mobile application 'TE Sensor Tag' is available for free download in Google Play Store (Android Devices) and in Apple App Store (Apple Devices).

So, Download, Install  the App.



Ensure the blue light blinks on the device.

And remember to turn ON the Bluetooth on your phone (no need to paid the module at this stage).


Now, Open the 'TE Sensor Tag' App on your phone.

From home screen of the App, select 'MEAS Tag 0BF4' device.


Immediately, the device starts polling all the Sensor Information to the paired Mobile Device's App.


The App Settings supports both the Sensors, switch to either of the Sensors to get the desired information.



The App Settings, having a option called 'Comfort' & when clicked it shows the Climate Condition with a smiley face.


To know the Altitude from the Altimeter, go to App's Settings, and select 'Altimeter'.


The reading metric can be changed from the App's Settings menu.


If you desire to log / record the Sensor Data information, the App provides you the option called 'Start Data Logging' & 'Stop Data Logging'.



Use Cases:

  • Key chain sized Environment Monitor for Mountain Claimers, Travelers, Explorers
  • Heart Rate, Respiratory Rate
  • Blood Pressure, Body Temperature
  • Oxygen Concentration (SPO2)
  • Micro Weather Station
  • Data Logging
  • Altimeters
  • Cars & Vehicles
  • Weather Change pattern analysis / analytics



A handy key-chain sized handy, low powered, micro Weather Station, is definitely a dream gadget to own & use.

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