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  • Sergey Vlasov wrote:


    And in vertical position the range should be more then ~2 km vs. ~1 km in horizontal position with Tx conducted output power 14 dBm with no interference power level (at antenna port) and datarate (sensitivity level) set to Long Range - CC13xx 2.5 kbps (LRM) as per Excel sheet to estimate range for Indoor and Outdoor

    But if datarate (sensitivity level) set to 4Mbps with all other parameters without any change then range gets reduced to ~100m.

    I did my test on 6xx bps LR, 14 dBM, antenna vertical. But in an environment with lots of heavy interference.

    It was intended as a real world test. And the results weren't very different from those of in a similar urban environment.


    I bet that if you do the measurements in ideal situations you get the same range as the datasheets. There are a few videos on youtube of people that beat those ranges. But they do that in nature (Norway and South-Africa's coastline), from hilltop to hilltop. That's a different setting than in a capital, with the most powerful antennas of the country in line of sight and the airport in hearing distance...

  • Thank you for the information. Yes, I saw the video from South Africa (they've used a different chip).

    I'll try to go over "Range Debug Check List" from Excel sheet to estimate range for Indoor and Outdoor over the weekend.


    On other side, it supports mesh network. It should be a good workaround for a an environment with lots of heavy interference. But with just two kits it is impossible to test.


    Have somebody tested mesh network with CC1310 with the objective to extend network range/coverage?

  • I've done some more testing over weekend.

    I've set LRM with 625 bps on 915 Mhz. I've used LRM default parameters from SmartRF Studio 7:

    RX Filter BW 39 kHz

    TX Power 14 dBm

    Symbol Rate 10 kBaud

    Deviation 5 kHz

    No whitening.

    The launchpad was in vertical position during testing. The testing was done in  a suburb area with mix of 1-2-4 stories buildings.

    I've seen some improvements compare to my previous test.

    The good quality reception was limited by ~150 m. I was able to get signal at 290 m, but it was not a reliable one.