NXP Sensorless Motor Control Eval Kit + Motor - Review

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RoadTest: NXP Sensorless Motor Control Eval Kit + Motor

Author: pwkalana9

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Evaluation Type: Development Boards & Tools

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First of all, I would like to thank Element14 Road Test program for offering me a road test kit.


I was basically following through the "Getting started" document (

and the online video tutorial (https://www.nxp.com/document/guide/Get-Started-with-the-S12ZVML-MINIXXX:GS-S12ZVML-MINIXXX)


Except for one thing, the "Getting started" document was exactly describing what needs to be done. That was the AMMCL (Automative Math and Motor Control Library ) library required to be exactly the same matching version for the source code. When both the source code and AMMCL library were same motor started spinning as described and FreeMaster tool was very useful for controlling the motor parameters and monitoring speed, current, position, etc.


It took only about 2 hours to get things assembled, download and installing software (CodeWarrior + FreeMaster), Debugging and running the BLDC sensorless FOC motor control. That is pretty impressive.


However, if some one wants to use the controller for a specific application, mastering AMMCL libraray is very much required. It would be handy, if there is any tutorial or document which walks through the source code (for which parameter to be changed) and some understanding about the AMMCL library internal architecture.  With AMMCL, I think it will be very efficient to implement a FOC sensorless motor control application.


With the integrated LIN controller, I think the NXP S12VM is a good cost effective BLDC/PSMS motor control solution for industrial applications.


Following is video demo of my dev kit working. I am preparing to use this dev kit for a mobile robotics application.


Thanks Element14 Road Test program. image