Pocket Beagle - Review

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RoadTest: Pocket Beagle

Author: mnitin59

Creation date:

Evaluation Type: Development Boards & Tools

Did you receive all parts the manufacturer stated would be included in the package?: True

What other parts do you consider comparable to this product?: Raspberry pi Zero, ATTiny

What were the biggest problems encountered?: Hardware design and the I/O Ports, Pin Configuration

Detailed Review:

Product Unboxing

I'm very thankful to Element 14 community for giving me the opportunity for reviewing Pocketbeagle Hardware. I have received this hardware within 8 days of getting selected for this road test.
The parcel box was very good in condition and kept with safety wrappers which felt nice and helpful. I check with the Board packing it was very awesome and attractive for hardware hobbyist which for getting a mini-computer for managing all kind of work task in daily life.


Fig 1.1 Parcel Box


Fig 1.2 Unboxing Box


Fig 1.3 Upside view of the Box


Fig 1.4 Wrapping out the PocketBeagle Hardware


Fig 1.5 Backside view of the cover board


Fig 1.6 Front Side view of the PocketBeagle Box



Hardware Review


The PocketBeagle is very awesome hardware for developing an interactive project in electronics and smart devices. The setup for this hardware is very easy and its plug and play device.
The webpage gets configured and help to command on I/O port to control and get the sensor data.


Technical Review:


SpecificationRating (5)
Electronics assembly4
Interconnection track4
Component Selection5
Optimization in design3
Connectivity and networking5



The PocketBeagle is Awesome hardware as it can be used in any project and help to reduce complexity for the day-to-day problems. Even it's useful for makers, engineers, and developers to use it for innovative use in projects like robotics, communication, IoT, etc.

  • OK, nice overview of the device, but what types of tests did you perform and where are your test results?

    How does it compare in processing power to the RPI?

    How well does it transfer data from I/O pins to memory and from memory to I/O.

    How many timers can you set up and how stable and accurate are they?

    What are the timing delays introduced by the operating system verses direct I/O manipulation?


    There are a lot of things to test on this board. I hope you do a few of them to give us a real test report.



  • I'm uploading further details on the testing of the hardware. Please wait for 2-3 days image 

  • Ok.

    You need to include comments that your review is incomplete.

    It looked like you were done, and I was a bit disappointed.


    I look forward to seeing your updates.




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