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RoadTest: Cellular Network Analyser

Author: ddip214

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Evaluation Type: Test Equipment

Did you receive all parts the manufacturer stated would be included in the package?: True

What other parts do you consider comparable to this product?: N/A

What were the biggest problems encountered?: The biggest issue was battery life. If the unit sat on my desk in the powered down state I would return two days later and the unit would be completely dead (Unable to power up). Since this product is designed to be used out in the field it may be beneficial to have a unit with a removable battery.

Detailed Review:

Siretta Snyper LTE Review (USA)

David DiPonzio

Fall 2019

What's included in this report:



Initial Thoughts

Field Tests with Data

Final Thoughts





Category: Test and Measurement

Manufacturer: Siretta Ltd

Type: Cellular Signal Analyzer

Use: Wireless Systems


The SNYPER-LTE Graphyte (USA) is a high performance, multi-language network signal analyzer, and cellular signal logger, dedicated to surveying and logging the 4G/LTE (USA) & 3G/UMTS North American networks. The unit can be left to conduct sequential surveys in a fixed location and automatically save them. Three types of surveys can be performed: a “FULL” survey (4G and 3G), 4G/LTE only & 3G/UMTS only (Per Siretta's datasheet).


General Features (From Siretta's datasheet) :

  • 4 Supported Bands LTE: B2 (1900), B4 (AWS1700), B5 (850), B12/B13 (700) MHz
  • 2 Supported Bands UMTS: B2 (850), B2 (1900) MHz
  • Black antenna for 700MHz to 2300 MHz
  • Directional antenna for 3G and 4G coverage with 1.5m extension cable
  • Large easy to read LCD display
  • Logical menus and operation
  • Long-life rechargeable battery
  • USB battery charger included
  • USB car charger included
  • Rugged and durable construction
  • Supplied in a hard carrycase
  • Multiple language support (English/French/German/Italian/Spanish)
  • 3 result modes: Standard/Advanced/Engineer
  • USB cables for PC connection and power



My initial thoughts


The following narrative was copied directly from my notebook. These were my thoughts when I received the unit. I used to work as an electro-optics technician, I used several different types of test and measurement equipment throughout my career. The Siretta Snyper LTE is by far the simplest piece of equipment I've ever used.

• The packaging appears to be designed and built to be utilized out in the field and/or a laboratory setting.

• I was impressed with the hard case and the simple layout of the case.

• The unit included Quick Start guide was just a piece of paper, with a tool of this cost I would expect something more in-depth and in a booklet type form.

• If this was utilized outside in a field it (Quick Start Guide) may be destroyed via weather, this could be solved by getting the guide laminated.



Field tests with Data


My first test with the unit occurred on the day I received it, the location was the basement in my house. I was curious as to which cellphone provider had the best network. The local companies that provide coverage to my area are Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, FirstNet, and Sprint. The steps for performing a test are simple.


Steps for performing a test

1) Turn unit on
2) Navigate to "Survey"

3) Press "OK"

4) Select survey type (Full, LET, or UMTS)
4) Select survey options
5) Survey executes
6) View survey data


Once the survey is complete you can view the results on either the unit or a computer. You are also able to perform a "live scan"  There are several different report types, which include survey logging, HTML reports, CSV reports, liveSCAN reports, and liveSCAN logging. This allows the user to view data in real-time and share it in a format that is easy to interpret even for a layman. Survey sessions can be from 1 to 500 sequential recorded surveys. Survey logging includes calculated seen percentages and signal averages throughout the entire survey. HTML reporting gives a graphical display by signal strength (See photo 1), a complete summary breakdown for all recorded cells, survey date, and time information, and the ability to map the area. CSV or excel reporting is a complete breakdown for each survey. liveSCAN is a real-time graphical display on the unit. It is used for discovering cellular hotspots and optimized antenna alignment.  When using this feature it also creates a CSV file with all of the recorded data.


Below is an excel file which the Siretta Snyper LTE automatically creates during a test.


I conducted several tests throughout the period from October to December in several different areas. I was even able to conduct a test in an underground parking garage which has little to no cellular signals. This unit performed on a warm fall day to a snowy winter day here in the Northeast. Below are screenshots from my surveys.

                         Figure 1: Results from the initial survey.image

                        Figure 2: Complete .HTM file resultsimage



Final Thoughts


My overall thought on this product is positive. The only issues I had were the battery life and "Quick start guide". I would like more documentation included with the product. Yes, there are several documents on their website but include those as hard copies in each unit. I would also like the battery to be removable for better field operations.




The photos below show how the unit was shipped and stored.