Amber Pi Design Kit - Review

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RoadTest: Amber Pi Design Kit

Author: flopsnor

Creation date:

Evaluation Type: Test Equipment

Did you receive all parts the manufacturer stated would be included in the package?: True

What other parts do you consider comparable to this product?: as a first time user of raspberri pi & amberi pi and also new to the whole sector , i can not think anything similar then a linux laptop installing fresh

What were the biggest problems encountered?: biggest issues i am a newb to this world but that made it more challenging i did the software upgrade (wich failed in the newest rasbian version that came out in februari 2020 (i tryed several times & finally came upto default screen of amberi pi software & i couldnt rebuild the software since the option was faded. another issue i had before was changing the config & boot file ( because i didnt know i couldnt change it while rasbian was running) another issue i had for myself was that ive recieved the package while i was moving out , i had no internet for 2 en a half months , later on a hdmi/dvi screen broke down so i had to find a replacement here is my detailed review that i guess not really is for everyone to see exepect developers & creators finally i have the time to start this beautiful piece of amberi pi project into my life scheme now the first steps im following to instal the amberi pi , is installing raspberrypi with the announced os that is in the description (wich i did) when i came at step 4 in the description i got trapped into 'terminal not willing to open sudo leafpad /boot/cmdline.txt so after some trying (even in file manager) i descided to format and start reinstall im stil stuck at step 4 the cmdline.txt file wont let me save the deleted text 'console=serial0.115200' also i tryed to type it in terminal several times , , seems the "config txt' already have 'enable_uart=1' file added by itself (maybe trough update ?) so i continued without deleting 'console=serial0.115200' to step 5 , seems wiringpi is also already installed so i head to step 6 wich runs fine before i instal the amberi pi zip file im trying to delete the 'console=serial0.115200' but seems it doesnt allow me (same as before) for saving (i wil try next time to instal that trough windows & usb stick with sd card) is it because of the update to another os from rasbian ? so ive got on another new try for another day , i formatted the sd card completely & reinstall rasbian completely new with the latest update from 'februari 2020' the download from the website went fluent the install from newest rasbian on raspberi pi 3 went good at step 3 the upgrade went not fully completed but i wil go on step 4 i used sd card in usb key & changed in windows when rasbian boot is not running , worked out well step 5 gpîo was already enabled so i moved ahead next step step 6 installing the codeblocks went fine step 7 im going to use sd usb key again for making directory on rasbian & unzipping the instal amber pi file well ive, made new directory on boot partition called, projects, (on windows) (because when inside the rasbian software it wouldnt allow me to make directory neather unzipping the amberi_zip file onto rasbian boot i took the sd usb key with sd card & inserted it back into my windows pc & i unzipped the amber_pi file in the projects folder rebooted on the raspberi pi , started the projects via codeblocks , runned fine but it made me choose between 2 default types wich i dont really have knowledge from so i choose the uppest one , now the last step of step 7 made me rebuild amber pi without errors , but the option is not avaible , i guess the unzip didnt went fine or something ? im desperate to try the amberi pi but i dont wanna ruin it eather , so i want the instal to go fine & try to rebuild , what is going wrong have i choosen the wrong default type ?

Detailed Review:

as a first time user and new to this world & and i am happy to try this project

i can say it is a tough cookie to brake when i finally started moving on with the install steps

so somewhere between the road i got stuck  at step 7 , (probably because of the lack of knowledge of rasbian i think)

it looks like a nice piece of tool /art to use anywhere you want & can send/recieve data from places to investigate about humidity & such

also i can write down al the things ive tryed but it would look like a mess for the experts of this hard/software devices

anybody that also tested amberi_pi is free to help me get further then step 7 (rebuilding the software seems faded away everytime i try)

i didnt wanna break the amberi pi hardware when connected to the raspberi pi so i stopped the project for a moment until i found some options to continue this great project

its an intresting piece of tool & a new learning scool about hardware /software devices (learning everyday some more in my own tempo)

thanks for making me test this and open my mind into this world of rasbian software & magical hardware that comes with it