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RoadTest: Cool Tools 2020: USB Soldering Iron

Author: jpnbino

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USB Soldering Iron (MP740142)


I had a really good experience with this soldering iron. Being powered by USB is not a problem at all, it does the work and I didn't have any problems with it. One thing important that I noted in this iron is about the USB charger I used to power it. Below, the in the left which is rated for 1.55A takes around 55 seconds from cold to 300°C, while the black one on the right side, rated for 2A takes 30 seconds for the same temperature variation.




In the video below, I explore how it works and I also put my hands on soldering. I didn't show in in the video, but I also tried 0603, 0805, and SOT23 footprints and was just easy. For the fine pitch shown in the video, it would be better if I had a conical tip like this one, but it worked as I did as well. In reality, with the type of tip that comes in the soldering iron, I could do a lot of soldering for years, but sure, with the right tool, the work is better and quicker.image



The Material

Below are the soldering iron and the flux I used.


Iron Tips

Below is the iron tip in detail. The system of quick tip exchange is indeed cool and was a super positive point for me.


The connector is an audio jack P2 style. Searching for replacement tips I found this, but not sure if they are compatible. Certainly, they are but it would be better if this information was explicit.



Soldering Iron Datasheet

Iron Tips