RPI BC DIN rail housing for Raspberry Pi computers - Review

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RoadTest: RPI BC DIN rail housing for Raspberry Pi computers

Author: geralds

Creation date:

Evaluation Type: Independent Products

Did you receive all parts the manufacturer stated would be included in the package?: True

What other parts do you consider comparable to this product?: Generic Raspberry Pi enclosure; see the Phoenix BC Housing family.

What were the biggest problems encountered?: The distances between the housing and the connectors to the Phoenix original prototyping board and the distances to the RPI.

Detailed Review:

Hi All,



The housing is a fine compact headpiece for the RPI.

Although little space is available, you can use it well as "CPU protection".

With some detail pictures I show you what problems you can encounter when assembling.


The housing itself, empty, closes together cleanly and is very stable.

It also has the practical openings and passages for the cross-connection to the external BC housing systems.

This makes it easy to connect without a lot of wiring, namely by a bus rail (for data and power supply), which is mounted on the outside of the housing bottom.


In detail:

Basically, the circuit boards are held with fingers and pinched in the housing.

All dimensions are as far as possible and tailored for the RPI.

Because the RPI now has no direct displays, or controls, it is possible to bring these connections up with a prototyping board, original from Phoenix.

In this detail, however, the space is very small and you have to be careful when you want to plug the RPI and the board.


Phoenix also offers the original plug. However, the distance between the two boards is quite large.

It is therefore possible that the contacts connect badly, or even just in the sockets.


Thank you very much for the test package!





This is the area for prototyping. In the left free room there is possible inserting a second Phoenix prototyping board.




The fundamental problems inserting the PCBs:



There is no place to insert straight.





Variants of the Top:

-> at the bottom you can see the holes for the bus rail which will mounted on the outside. The place for the bus rail.


The transparent top:





I hope that helps when the RPI will used with the Phoenix BC housing.


One word for pricing:

This housing would be a litte bit expensiv if you need some more devices. You will need two or three or more housings that all interconnected together.

Please compare the prices by the web shop:



At the attachment you'll find the brochure about the BC housing system.



The complete BC- housing system:




At the next, I'll call Phoenix Contact and explain what I've found out. Maybe this helps.



What I want is that the dimensions would be a bit wider.

You must slant the boards obliquely. Then there may be distortions.


For the next project, installing in furniture, I'll perhaps replace the plugs at the RPI that can be done directly up the connection.


Thank you very much for selecting me as Road Tester.


Best Regards,