RPI BC DIN rail housing for Raspberry Pi computers - Review

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RoadTest: RPI BC DIN rail housing for Raspberry Pi computers

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The enclosure is awesome and specifically if you are going for home automation with Raspberry Pi. The enclosure can be used to mount Rpi to DIN Rail alongside other electrical components. The space provided for other peripherals is small but can be used for a lot of stuffs. The only issue is the status LED are not vivible from lid but considering the form factor to be followed nothing could have been done for that. The user can always put some LED if required for status updates.The provided lid is really tough to open once closed. When mounted on any panel it really becomes a pain. And the product document has also warned about it. But as @peteroakes mentioned in the comments In roadtest page you can separately order for a clear flip lid. Overall a nice enclosure slightly towards pricy side. I have attahced a video describing in details and It's like a getting started guide.





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