WITTRA™ IOT Out of the Box - Review

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RoadTest: WITTRA™ IOT Out of the Box

Author: mstewart197930

Creation date:

Evaluation Type: Development Boards & Tools

Did you receive all parts the manufacturer stated would be included in the package?: True

What other parts do you consider comparable to this product?: Dont know of any....

What were the biggest problems encountered?: cvouple of possibole bugs by the looks of it, but nothing much.

Detailed Review:



Before receiving the product, I started watching the online videos describing how to set it up and configure it, Also watched the webinar (linked in below)

IoT Development with Open Standards and 6LoWPAN! (Win an IoT Out of the Box Kit!)


It looks an extremely interesting product, especially for the current project I work on as we have engineers building tunnels and this would be an extra way of monitoring their safety.


created an account on portal.wittra.se. Was really straight forward, just wanted verification of email and then you to answer a few questions, like name, company, role etc.

this then brings you to the create organization screen.


The back end looks like it is Firebase, as a password reset mail I received was from a Firebase domain.

With regards to the device itself, I am a little surprised to see a Raspberry Pi, these as far as I am concerned are great for the hobbyist and for initial development, but not in a commercial product, But that is just my opinion.

My other issue with this is that somebody can easily remove the SD card as the case has no locking functionality an modify to grant themselves access, quite possibly to create a backdoor into your internal network, so location of the gateway is key when it comes to this.








Received the item, comes in a big sturdy box with lockable latches(you need to provide the locks), on opening very nicely laid out, I have the EU version which means it contains all different plug ends for the chargers covering all of Europe.

when removing the Wittra gateway, I noticed that the rear of it has a removable panel for attaching to a wall making it much easier to mount, I slid this out first, which took a little force an lined this up on the wall and attached it with 2 screws.





next was to feed the network cable through the cable gland to be able to attach the gateway to the network, only issue here was if the network cable has a boot on it doesn't fit, so has to be a cable without a boot,  network cable plugged in and gland attached really easily, power cable has a

waterproof connector on the end which attaches really easily.




Next was to charge the tags, again everything provided in the box, four 5v chargers, with the different EU plug adapters and the 'special' waterproof cover clips for the tags, once these have been removed, the USB charging point is available.


all plugged in charging and they are all flashing red lights currently, guessing this changes once charged.










As shown below the free trial available for 60 days, some of the costings for the subscription havn't been decided yet by the looks of it, but that nay have changed by the end of the review.







First thing to do is create an organization, quite simply called mine MSHOME, then onto creating a project, this again simple called WittraTest as shown below:-


Next to be able to use the device, you need to add the gateway to the project, really, easy, just click add device and copy the code from the inside of the box into the batch token box and voila, all your items from the box appear.




As in the video guide form Witra, first thing that has to be done, is to update the firmware on all the devices, the Gateway is done automatically, once connected to an internet facing network, the rest is a semi manual procedure.

no point showing screenshots as it is all described in the manual and worked very well, apart from one got stuck, but this was easily remedied, by selecting the tag in the portal and selecting upgrade again and then doing the 'Magnet trick'.





Created a very basic floor plan of the property where we live by using geojson.io and copying the JSON data it produced, and then selecting add data from the Map screen. (image1)

I positioned the devices really easily using edit but wish it showed my floor plan overlay whilst doing so, as you can see below, you can only position with the basic map(Image2)







The location accuracy varies a lot as shown below, as all four tags where sat together in front of me, but are showing a big range in accuracy of location:-








Below I created an integration just to see what data is sent form the portal.

the CGI program is really simple, just dumps the data into a text file locally on the server, but could be so much more.

You could quite easily with the data, trigger an email or text message to a person whenever the temperature dropped blow x degrees, or if

device is taken away from a location between certain hours etc, once you have the data you have free reign to process as you please.

For a quick example of the for myself, wrote a quick script that dumped the Latitude and longitudes of Tag once given the ID, but showed where it had been in the last day/week up to you.


Example of Data sent from the Portal.


{"integrationId": "gzyZ6xryxK0S47n4Mf9w", "organizationId": "2BD0itsEyjxSVKOlPpRb", "payloadType": "DATA", "payloadId": "KZKPmZEmiWFKkBXMC0BK", "projectId": "FA7TLH7HRbdC4RrLDV9H", "timestamp": "2021-08-17T13:32:32.502000+00:00", "deviceId": "D00124B0023768817", "gatewayId": "G0123FFFF74F13CD3EE", "payload": {"usage": {"stationary": 293, "moving": 0}, "accelerometer": {"x": 0.093, "z": 1.026, "y": -0.046}, "magnetometer": {"z": -0.52, "x": -0.798, "y": 0.115}, "gyroscope": {"x": -0.488, "z": 0.183, "y": -0.183}, "neighbors": [{"id": "D00124B0023767E57", "rssi": -24}, {"id": "D00124B002376706C", "rssi": -53}, {"rssi": -58, "id": "D00124B0023766DBE"}, {"rssi": -75, "id": "D00124B0023767B6B"}], "temperature": 24.769}, "source": "p"}

{"integrationId": "gzyZ6xryxK0S47n4Mf9w", "organizationId": "2BD0itsEyjxSVKOlPpRb", "payloadType": "DATA", "payloadId": "fUXtfsbPfIi7t0zvQjeS", "projectId": "FA7TLH7HRbdC4RrLDV9H", "timestamp": "2021-08-17T13:34:03.338000+00:00", "deviceId": "D00124B0023768095", "gatewayId": "G0123FFFF74F13CD3EE", "payload": {"magnetometer": {"z": 0.067, "y": -0.663, "x": 0.454}, "accelerometer": {"y": 0.136, "z": 0.687, "x": -0.722}, "neighbors": [{"rssi": -36, "id": "D00124B0023767E57"}, {"id": "D00124B002376706C", "rssi": -60}, {"rssi": -67, "id": "D00124B0023766DBE"}, {"rssi": -65, "id": "D00124B0023767B6B"}], "gyroscope": {"z": -0.671, "x": -0.366, "y": -0.366}, "usage": {"stationary": 312, "moving": 0}, "temperature": 25.261}, "source": "p"}

{"integrationId": "gzyZ6xryxK0S47n4Mf9w", "organizationId": "2BD0itsEyjxSVKOlPpRb", "payloadType": "DATA", "payloadId": "vYNwTAEBBfonYFBGG66L", "projectId": "FA7TLH7HRbdC4RrLDV9H", "timestamp": "2021-08-17T13:36:29.810000+00:00", "deviceId": "D00124B0023768813", "gatewayId": "G0123FFFF74F13CD3EE", "payload": {"magnetometer": {"x": 0.667, "z": -0.883, "y": -0.132}, "usage": {"moving": 0, "stationary": 310}, "neighbors": [{"id": "D00124B002376706C", "rssi": -60}, {"rssi": -36, "id": "D00124B0023767E57"}], "temperature": 25.335, "gyroscope": {"x": 0.061, "z": 0.122, "y": 0.183}, "accelerometer": {"y": 0.035, "z": 0.589, "x": -0.812}}, "source": "p"}

{"integrationId": "gzyZ6xryxK0S47n4Mf9w", "organizationId": "2BD0itsEyjxSVKOlPpRb", "payloadType": "DATA", "payloadId": "tb8WhK2N5xSmXui6K5xL", "projectId": "FA7TLH7HRbdC4RrLDV9H", "timestamp": "2021-08-17T13:36:45.644000+00:00", "deviceId": "D00124B0023766F56", "gatewayId": "G0123FFFF74F13CD3EE", "payload": {"magnetometer": {"y": 0.445, "x": -0.882, "z": -1.45}, "usage": {"moving": 0, "stationary": 297}, "temperature": 24.304, "gyroscope": {"y": 0.427, "z": -0.183, "x": -0.366}, "accelerometer": {"x": 0.089, "z": 1.1, "y": -0.058}, "neighbors": [{"rssi": -33, "id": "D00124B0023767E57"}, {"rssi": -60, "id": "D00124B002376706C"}]}, "source": "p"}

{"integrationId": "gzyZ6xryxK0S47n4Mf9w", "organizationId": "2BD0itsEyjxSVKOlPpRb", "payloadType": "DATA", "payloadId": "cnvYlpO5qku8YJXGIqz7", "projectId": "FA7TLH7HRbdC4RrLDV9H", "timestamp": "2021-08-17T13:37:26.923000+00:00", "deviceId": "D00124B0023768817", "gatewayId": "G0123FFFF74F13CD3EE", "payload": {"magnetometer": {"y": 0.108, "x": -0.802, "z": -0.517}, "usage": {"moving": 0, "stationary": 295}, "gyroscope": {"z": 0.244, "x": -0.549, "y": -0.305}, "neighbors": [{"id": "D00124B0023767E57", "rssi": -24}, {"rssi": -53, "id": "D00124B002376706C"}, {"rssi": -58, "id": "D00124B0023766DBE"}, {"rssi": -75, "id": "D00124B0023767B6B"}], "temperature": 24.843, "accelerometer": {"z": 1.03, "x": 0.101, "y": -0.042}}, "source": "p"}

{"integrationId": "gzyZ6xryxK0S47n4Mf9w", "organizationId": "2BD0itsEyjxSVKOlPpRb", "payloadType": "DATA", "payloadId": "jriqabrJUvXrlrQMs70x", "projectId": "FA7TLH7HRbdC4RrLDV9H", "timestamp": "2021-08-17T13:39:14.356000+00:00", "deviceId": "D00124B0023768095", "gatewayId": "G0123FFFF74F13CD3EE", "payload": {"neighbors": [{"rssi": -36, "id": "D00124B0023767E57"}, {"rssi": -60, "id": "D00124B002376706C"}, {"rssi": -67, "id": "D00124B0023766DBE"}, {"id": "D00124B0023767B6B", "rssi": -65}], "temperature": 25.353, "accelerometer": {"x": -0.73, "y": 0.144, "z": 0.679}, "usage": {"stationary": 311, "moving": 0}, "magnetometer": {"y": -0.649, "x": 0.46, "z": 0.063}, "gyroscope": {"z": -0.549, "x": -0.366, "y": -0.305}}, "source": "p"}

{"integrationId": "gzyZ6xryxK0S47n4Mf9w", "organizationId": "2BD0itsEyjxSVKOlPpRb", "payloadType": "DATA", "payloadId": "ddGItYgrYXds2apaBSXn", "projectId": "FA7TLH7HRbdC4RrLDV9H", "timestamp": "2021-08-17T13:41:38.857000+00:00", "deviceId": "D00124B0023768813", "gatewayId": "G0123FFFF74F13CD3EE", "payload": {"magnetometer": {"x": 0.672, "z": -0.865, "y": -0.136}, "usage": {"stationary": 309, "moving": 0}, "accelerometer": {"y": 0.039, "z": 0.589, "x": -0.823}, "gyroscope": {"z": 0.305, "x": 0.183, "y": 0.366}, "neighbors": [{"rssi": -60, "id": "D00124B002376706C"}, {"rssi": -36, "id": "D00124B0023767E57"}], "temperature": 25.49}, "source": "p"}

{"integrationId": "gzyZ6xryxK0S47n4Mf9w", "organizationId": "2BD0itsEyjxSVKOlPpRb", "payloadType": "DATA", "payloadId": "4x0semi9ZTYFsxqQLybg", "projectId": "FA7TLH7HRbdC4RrLDV9H", "timestamp": "2021-08-17T13:41:42.526000+00:00", "deviceId": "D00124B0023766F56", "gatewayId": "G0123FFFF74F13CD3EE", "payload": {"gyroscope": {"y": 0.427, "z": -0.244, "x": -0.366}, "accelerometer": {"x": 0.097, "y": -0.074, "z": 1.093}, "usage": {"stationary": 297, "moving": 0}, "temperature": 24.406, "magnetometer": {"x": -0.879, "z": -1.425, "y": 0.429}, "neighbors": [{"rssi": -33, "id": "D00124B0023767E57"}, {"id": "D00124B002376706C", "rssi": -60}]}, "source": "p"}

{"integrationId": "gzyZ6xryxK0S47n4Mf9w", "organizationId": "2BD0itsEyjxSVKOlPpRb", "payloadType": "DATA", "payloadId": "aZ2MmoLjHWFtb9fGFRGZ", "projectId": "FA7TLH7HRbdC4RrLDV9H", "timestamp": "2021-08-17T13:42:19.111000+00:00", "deviceId": "D00124B0023768817", "gatewayId": "G0123FFFF74F13CD3EE", "payload": {"magnetometer": {"x": -0.816, "z": -0.525, "y": 0.108}, "usage": {"stationary": 292, "moving": 0}, "accelerometer": {"y": -0.042, "z": 1.011, "x": 0.089}, "gyroscope": {"x": -0.488, "y": -0.183, "z": 0.244}, "neighbors": [{"id": "D00124B0023767E57", "rssi": -24}, {"id": "D00124B002376706C", "rssi": -53}, {"id": "D00124B0023766DBE", "rssi": -58}, {"id": "D00124B0023767B6B", "rssi": -75}], "temperature": 24.896}, "source": "p"}

{"integrationId": "gzyZ6xryxK0S47n4Mf9w", "organizationId": "2BD0itsEyjxSVKOlPpRb", "payloadType": "DATA", "payloadId": "gKBMKU10P1MTIwLIrDbO", "projectId": "FA7TLH7HRbdC4RrLDV9H", "timestamp": "2021-08-17T13:42:19.275000+00:00", "deviceId": "D00124B0023768817", "gatewayId": "G0123FFFF74F13CD3EE", "payload": {"location": {"level": 1, "accuracy": 11.632019366075012, "latitude": xx.xxxxx1047767283, "longitude": x.xxxxx4677749908}}, "source": "p"}

{"integrationId": "gzyZ6xryxK0S47n4Mf9w", "organizationId": "2BD0itsEyjxSVKOlPpRb", "payloadType": "DATA", "payloadId": "RPcZKVN81F4cHgJuQvv8", "projectId": "FA7TLH7HRbdC4RrLDV9H", "timestamp": "2021-08-17T13:44:24.418000+00:00", "deviceId": "D00124B0023768095", "gatewayId": "G0123FFFF74F13CD3EE", "payload": {"location": {"longitude": -x.xxxxx4677749908, "latitude": xx.xxxxx1047767283, "accuracy": 38.109214359264946, "level": 1}}, "source": "p"}

{"integrationId": "gzyZ6xryxK0S47n4Mf9w", "organizationId": "2BD0itsEyjxSVKOlPpRb", "payloadType": "DATA", "payloadId": "PpVkgbdPYDw1gDkhZDIs", "projectId": "FA7TLH7HRbdC4RrLDV9H", "timestamp": "2021-08-17T13:44:24.334000+00:00", "deviceId": "D00124B0023768095", "gatewayId": "G0123FFFF74F13CD3EE", "payload": {"gyroscope": {"x": -0.427, "y": -0.366, "z": -0.488}, "temperature": 25.615, "accelerometer": {"z": 0.702, "y": 0.132, "x": -0.722}, "neighbors": [{"rssi": -36, "id": "D00124B0023767E57"}, {"rssi": -60, "id": "D00124B002376706C"}, {"id": "D00124B0023766DBE", "rssi": -67}, {"id": "D00124B0023767B6B", "rssi": -65}], "magnetometer": {"y": -0.67, "x": 0.477, "z": 0.061}, "usage": {"moving": 0, "stationary": 310}}, "source": "p"}





My idea for Application.

Unfortunately the application I was looking to test implement this for is not possible, as to do so would require an event trigger but on the Accelerometer ideally.

I was looking at it in regards to team member being down in the sewer tunnel being built and being able to monitor if the fell or got swept off, so gyroscope would possibly do also, but it would have needed an event for example if they fell,

the Accelerometer could register an acceleration and flag an alarm/alert, this side can be easily done with the system and shown above you get all the event/interval data streamed to your own server where it can be processed quite easily with some scripting.

the only way it could be used currently in this scenario, is maybe an event on RSSI positioning for if they got swept off  in the effluent.






Kid testing

Ok, so tried this out to see what results I would get, got one of my kids to put 8817 in his pocket and go on the trampoline for a few mins with the below set showing moving.

now the shortest interval you can set on the devices is 1min on an event trigger, so that is what was set.


1. {"integrationId": "gzyZ6xryxK0S47n4Mf9w", "organizationId": "2BD0itsEyjxSVKOlPpRb", "payloadType": "DATA", "payloadId": "mAXXGsIqWdwticWIMlXP", "projectId": "FA7TLH7HRbdC4RrLDV9H", "timestamp": "2021-08-27T10:10:19.271000+00:00", "deviceId": "D00124B0023768817", "gatewayId": "G0123FFFF74F13CD3EE", "payload": {"location": {"level": 1, "longitude": -x.xx9814677749908, "accuracy": 31.697863849222273, "latitude": xx.xx371047767283}}, "source": "p"}

2. {"integrationId": "gzyZ6xryxK0S47n4Mf9w", "organizationId": "2BD0itsEyjxSVKOlPpRb", "payloadType": "DATA", "payloadId": "KKUv2WExbgPbyfi4WINM", "projectId": "FA7TLH7HRbdC4RrLDV9H", "timestamp": "2021-08-27T10:10:19.171000+00:00", "deviceId": "D00124B0023768817", "gatewayId": "G0123FFFF74F13CD3EE", "payload": {"neighbors": [{"id": "D00124B0023767E57", "rssi": -43}, {"id": "D00124B002376706C", "rssi": -58}, {"id": "D00124B0023766DBE", "rssi": -66}, {"id": "D00124B0023767B6B", "rssi": -72}]}, "source": "p"}

3. {"integrationId": "gzyZ6xryxK0S47n4Mf9w", "organizationId": "2BD0itsEyjxSVKOlPpRb", "payloadType": "DATA", "payloadId": "tjsLaxC55AFRRucz8K3c", "projectId": "FA7TLH7HRbdC4RrLDV9H", "timestamp": "2021-08-27T10:10:19.616000+00:00", "deviceId": "D00124B0023768817", "gatewayId": "G0123FFFF74F13CD3EE", "payload": {"usage": {"moving": 74, "stationary": 47}}, "source": "p"}

4. {"integrationId": "gzyZ6xryxK0S47n4Mf9w", "organizationId": "2BD0itsEyjxSVKOlPpRb", "payloadType": "DATA", "payloadId": "MHewORsYUNTiTmO9hme9", "projectId": "FA7TLH7HRbdC4RrLDV9H", "timestamp": "2021-08-27T10:11:19.514000+00:00", "deviceId": "D00124B0023768817", "gatewayId": "G0123FFFF74F13CD3EE", "payload": {"location": {"longitude": -x.xx9814677749908, "accuracy": 45.81735305535546, "level": 1, "latitude": xx.xx371047767283}}, "source": "p"}

5. {"integrationId": "gzyZ6xryxK0S47n4Mf9w", "organizationId": "2BD0itsEyjxSVKOlPpRb", "payloadType": "DATA", "payloadId": "I48rOq3KymUCGJWuiJMn", "projectId": "FA7TLH7HRbdC4RrLDV9H", "timestamp": "2021-08-27T10:11:19.440000+00:00", "deviceId": "D00124B0023768817", "gatewayId": "G0123FFFF74F13CD3EE", "payload": {"neighbors": [{"id": "D00124B0023767E57", "rssi": -35}, {"rssi": -67, "id": "D00124B0023766DBE"}, {"id": "D00124B0023767B6B", "rssi": -101}, {"id": "D00124B002376706C", "rssi": -62}]}, "source": "p"}

6. {"integrationId": "gzyZ6xryxK0S47n4Mf9w", "organizationId": "2BD0itsEyjxSVKOlPpRb", "payloadType": "DATA", "payloadId": "g4g9qYx0MRsN3fomORgV", "projectId": "FA7TLH7HRbdC4RrLDV9H", "timestamp": "2021-08-27T10:12:19.350000+00:00", "deviceId": "D00124B0023768817", "gatewayId": "G0123FFFF74F13CD3EE", "payload": {"location": {"accuracy": 95.72601846452768, "latitude": xx.xx372138826085, "longitude": -x.xx0045282517693, "level": 0}}, "source": "p"}

7. {"integrationId": "gzyZ6xryxK0S47n4Mf9w", "organizationId": "2BD0itsEyjxSVKOlPpRb", "payloadType": "DATA", "payloadId": "SXYKaOOjikrEPNfdHWcx", "projectId": "FA7TLH7HRbdC4RrLDV9H", "timestamp": "2021-08-27T10:12:19.268000+00:00", "deviceId": "D00124B0023768817", "gatewayId": "G0123FFFF74F13CD3EE", "payload": {"neighbors": [{"rssi": -48, "id": "D00124B0023767E57"}, {"id": "D00124B0023767B6B", "rssi": -81}, {"rssi": -70, "id": "D00124B0023766DBE"}, {"id": "D00124B002376706C", "rssi": -74}], "usage": {"stationary": 60, "moving": 59}}, "source": "p"}

8. {"integrationId": "gzyZ6xryxK0S47n4Mf9w", "organizationId": "2BD0itsEyjxSVKOlPpRb", "payloadType": "DATA", "payloadId": "VVaJAiUB2PkDyekjc8j4", "projectId": "FA7TLH7HRbdC4RrLDV9H", "timestamp": "2021-08-27T10:12:34.232000+00:00", "deviceId": "D00124B0023766F56", "gatewayId": "G0123FFFF74F13CD3EE", "payload": {"temperature": 24.035}, "source": "p"}

9. {"integrationId": "gzyZ6xryxK0S47n4Mf9w", "organizationId": "2BD0itsEyjxSVKOlPpRb", "payloadType": "DATA", "payloadId": "72OBLLzpQSCcNGk8vdEY", "projectId": "FA7TLH7HRbdC4RrLDV9H", "timestamp": "2021-08-27T10:13:19.524000+00:00", "deviceId": "D00124B0023768817", "gatewayId": "G0123FFFF74F13CD3EE", "payload": {"temperature": 27.671, "neighbors": [{"id": "D00124B0023767E57", "rssi": -32}, {"rssi": -84, "id": "D00124B0023767B6B"}, {"id": "D00124B002376706C", "rssi": -79}, {"rssi": -70, "id": "D00124B0023766DBE"}]}, "source": "p"}

10. {"integrationId": "gzyZ6xryxK0S47n4Mf9w", "organizationId": "2BD0itsEyjxSVKOlPpRb", "payloadType": "DATA", "payloadId": "kxkCYsLCTrFxzCJ64K5c", "projectId": "FA7TLH7HRbdC4RrLDV9H", "timestamp": "2021-08-27T10:13:19.578000+00:00", "deviceId": "D00124B0023768817", "gatewayId": "G0123FFFF74F13CD3EE", "payload": {"location": {"latitude": xx.xx372138826085, "accuracy": 95.72601846452768, "level": 0, "longitude": -x.xx0045282517693}}, "source": "p"}

11. {"integrationId": "gzyZ6xryxK0S47n4Mf9w", "organizationId": "2BD0itsEyjxSVKOlPpRb", "payloadType": "DATA", "payloadId": "72aCOUhyJktMdfsuiefz", "projectId": "FA7TLH7HRbdC4RrLDV9H", "timestamp": "2021-08-27T10:14:19.369000+00:00", "deviceId": "D00124B0023768817", "gatewayId": "G0123FFFF74F13CD3EE", "payload": {"location": {"latitude": xx.xx371047767283, "longitude": -x.xx9814677749908, "accuracy": 18.240216787118197, "level": 1}}, "source": "p"}

12. {"integrationId": "gzyZ6xryxK0S47n4Mf9w", "organizationId": "2BD0itsEyjxSVKOlPpRb", "payloadType": "DATA", "payloadId": "q9heksEl6WYu6ne0nX3d", "projectId": "FA7TLH7HRbdC4RrLDV9H", "timestamp": "2021-08-27T10:14:19.369000+00:00", "deviceId": "D00124B0023768817", "gatewayId": "G0123FFFF74F13CD3EE", "payload": {"usage": {"stationary": 54, "moving": 66}, "neighbors": [{"id": "D00124B0023767E57", "rssi": -26}, {"rssi": -52, "id": "D00124B002376706C"}, {"rssi": -75, "id": "D00124B0023767B6B"}, {"id": "D00124B0023766DBE", "rssi": -67}]}, "source": "p"}



All look like what I expect, although I am still getting a temperature trigger from 6F56 as shown in red(Entry 8)....


I get the stationary and moving readings, and the Latitude and Longitude readings also, although I have just noticed also that the messages are not coming through in order e,g message 1 10:10:19:271000 then the next message is 10:10:19:171000, not that this is a major issue, just a little odd.

Also shown above is that the accuracy jumps about quite a bit for example lines 10 and 11, 10: Accuracy 95.726, 11: Accuracy 18.24.




After setting the below settings, I am still getting readings from other sensors when the only sensor that should have been reporting overnight should have been the 8095 sensor, reporting movement.




below are some of the reports over night.....


{"integrationId": "gzyZ6xryxK0S47n4Mf9w", "organizationId": "2BD0itsEyjxSVKOlPpRb", "payloadType": "DATA", "payloadId": "F4DlQikVXksLBGLMZILH", "projectId": "FA7TLH7HRbdC4RrLDV9H", "timestamp": "2021-08-26T15:07:39.520000+00:00", "deviceId": "D00124B0023768095", "gatewayId": "G0123FFFF74F13CD3EE", "payload": {"neighbors": [{"id": "D00124B0023767E57", "rssi": -28}, {"id": "D00124B0023767B6B", "rssi": -78}, {"rssi": -66, "id": "D00124B002376706C"}, {"id": "D00124B0023766DBE", "rssi": -64}], "usage": {"stationary": 1942, "moving": 42}}, "source": "p"}


This one is the one report we expected.


{"integrationId": "gzyZ6xryxK0S47n4Mf9w", "organizationId": "2BD0itsEyjxSVKOlPpRb", "payloadType": "DATA", "payloadId": "BEc4YN6rT6DxD2IRREGt", "projectId": "FA7TLH7HRbdC4RrLDV9H", "timestamp": "2021-08-26T15:13:00.707000+00:00", "deviceId": "D00124B0023768813", "gatewayId": "G0123FFFF74F13CD3EE", "payload": {"neighbors": [{"id": "D00124B0023767E57", "rssi": -38}, {"rssi": -54, "id": "D00124B002376706C"}, {"id": "D00124B0023767B6B", "rssi": -88}, {"id": "D00124B0023766DBE", "rssi": -60}], "gyroscope": {"x": -0.061, "y": 0.366, "z": 0.183}, "accelerometer": {"z": 0.101, "y": 0.144, "x": 1.007}, "temperature": 22.428, "magnetometer": {"x": -0.084, "z": -0.912, "y": 0.055}, "usage": {"moving": 7, "stationary": 301}}, "source": "p"}


Several of these ones appeared for device ending 8813, seemed to reporting everything for some reason.


{"integrationId": "gzyZ6xryxK0S47n4Mf9w", "organizationId": "2BD0itsEyjxSVKOlPpRb", "payloadType": "DATA", "payloadId": "C1jP42ZKBQDrPOPDOJ2O", "projectId": "FA7TLH7HRbdC4RrLDV9H", "timestamp": "2021-08-26T16:32:33.115000+00:00", "deviceId": "D00124B0023766F56", "gatewayId": "G0123FFFF74F13CD3EE", "payload": {"location": {"longitude": -2.6599299801186227, "accuracy": xx.xxx311557199853, "level": 1, "latitude": xx.xx371593302226}}, "source": "p"}


again, this time 6F56 reporting location....


So some things seem to be acting a little strange.



OK, this could be a useful piece of kit depending on what you need it for, for example, if you've left equipment at the other side of a site etc, yes I could see this working, the Mine example, not sure about as the location accuracy varied quite a bit, unless this would work better on a much larger scale?

Battery life of the Tags, hmm, all the Tags are still showing 100% battery life, so not convinced this is recording correctly currently, below is after a month of usage without charging?



Other data from the Tags, seem quite reasonable,

Battery - explained above.

Temperature - slightly offset, which it does explain about and makes perfect sense as it needs to be a waterproof enclosure so it is the internal temp of the case.

Moving/Stationary - seems accurate and knows when a device is moving and stationary.

Latitude/longitude -  both seem fairly accurate although accuracy does vary from each Tag.

Accelerator/magnetometer/gyroscope -  all again seem fairly realistic values.

All in all, this kit can be useful, but you need to be very specific of your needs, there looks like there maybe still a couple of little bugs but aren't there in any system....