• Ellectromagnet and warming


    I have a question

    what will be the degree of temperature (in celsius) when two 12V ellectromagnets, 50 mm, 50 KG DC (each) are powering during 10 seconds.


    Thank you



  • RE: STM32L4 With DMX512

    In xxx_project.h,


    #ifndef __C459_PROJECT_H
    #define __C459_PROJECT_H
    // INCLUDES 
    #include "stm32f0xx.h"
    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <stdbool.h>
    #include <stdint.h>
    // DEFINES
    #define VERSION 100
    #define VERSION_STR "1.0.0"
    #define FALSE     (false…

  • RE: Zero Point Energy Integration Challenge

    I should also add, that during the Great Plague, Isaac Newton was in lockdown for 2 years, and during those two years he formulated how gravity works (and also as a result describing the planets their proper orbits, to more perfect what Copernicus started…

  • Spam , Appeal and auto deletion

    I changed an existing blog, added a hyperlinklink to the last post of the series I had just written, at the end of the post.

    It is flagged as Spam, with message it will be removed if I don't appeal.

     I will add images later. At this moment, the Add…

  • Nightmare on e14 Street Halloween Competition 2021 Winners


    I am the grand price winner of Nightmare on e14 Street 2021 and haven't receive any news about it yet.

    I was wondering about how and when will I be contacted.

    Thank you very much!

  • Assigned status levels do not correspond to points achieved

    Assigned status levels do not correspond to points achieved.

    I only have 44 123 points which is level Edison, but my new assigned level is Tesla Slight smile

  • Gateway Timeout - Cannot upload a file from the PC into the editor

    1. If I wanted to browse the website a gateway timeout occurs. Seems your proxy has a problem.

    Gateway Timeout

    The proxy server did not receive a timely response from the upstream server.

    Reference #1.a7710617.1637602950.f7d267b

    2. Here in this…

  • Video not playing on Episode 525

    I discovered a link to Episode 525: Demonstrating Magnetic Fields with Helmholtz Coils in a Snow Globe and was intrigued.

    I ran into a error message that I needed to join a group so I clicked the button and waited. Nothing but black screen. 

  • Edit buttons missing

    Most of my content I can no longer edit anyway, because it's stuck where all the old personal blogs were dumped, but some of the others can't be edited either, even when I join the respective group. It doesn't particularly matter - I don't suppose I'll…

  • Gamification gives Post A Blog points after editing an already posted blog

    Each time I edit an existing posted blog, the gamification gives 20 points.
    This is so for migrated posts and newly created ones.