• MOSFET going to continuous conduction

    Hello Guys,

    Following is a circuit i am working on. input is from a isolated DC-DC converter (flyback configuration) set at 12v. using bk precision electronic load i am testing at 500mA. i wanted to observe the dynamic behaviour of flyback converter while…

  • lipo battery charging directly with solar panel


    I am building a solar battery module for LED lighting application. Task here was to use least hardware possible to reduce the cost per board. I read online that a solar panel with less than 5 watts can be used without a charger circuit. my battery…

  • purpose of Schottky diode in the circuit


    i came across a circuit as shown below. here 20 volt battery is used as source. microcontroller is used to switch the NMOS. i am not able to understand the use of the diode placed across the gate and source of the PMOS. can anyone explain?


  • RE: Can I recall my application as it wasn't finished and I never hit the Enter button?

    This is correct. I don't view the applications until after the enrollment period is over.

  • RE: Inaccurate Readings from Thermal Imaging Camera on Copper Heatsink-Anyone Else Had this Happen?

    yes. Because a camera is troublesome for IR-reflective areas (it shows the temperature of the thing that's reflected, not the reflective area), people usually clamp a temp probe to such areas instead of using a camera.

  • What have you discovered that has improved your user experience at the new E14 Community site?

    I have been feeling disconnected from the E14Community since the move to the new site. The majority of the feelings came from actually not being able to communicate after the move. I could receive but not transmit. Making or responding to posts wasn’t…

  • Turning on a machine automatically when another machine is turned on - using ad hoc ESP8266 network

    I’m very new to microcontrollers and programming. I probably know just enough to be dangerous. I’m trying to devise a reasonably simple system for turning on the dust collector in my wood shop and positioning the sliding carriage (output side…

  • RE: reprogramming a minized from a USB drive using the uboot Zynq> prompt

    this problem was solved by invoking the following command from the Zynq> prompt

    Zynq>run boot_qspi.

    Once that command was run then the entire filesystem was available and I could copy the files back into the designated folder. YES!!!

    I wish that…