• RE: In Search of RoadTesters to Take On The All Programmable SoC (AVNET MiniZed RoadTest)

    Maybe someone that did the other FPGA roadtest (the one that was great for beginners) could do this as a comparison ? That would be one approach I would take but I didn't do the previous roadtest so this in an avenue not available to me.





  • FPGA Essentials: Basys 3 Artix-7 FPGA



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    The Basys3 board is an entry-level digital circuit development platform based on the Artix...

  • Summer of FPGAs: 2-Minute FPGAs with Whitney Knitter

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    Get a bite sized introduction to FPGAs.

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    Blocking vs Nonblocking Statements in Verilog
  • Summer of FPGAs: Microchip Polarfire FPGA Eval Kit


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    The PolarFire Evaluation Kit is an ideal platform for evaluating the lowest power, cost...

  • Roadtest application form not accepting submissions

    I'm trying to apply for the 7 Ways to Leave Your Spartan-6 FPGA. The enrollment page says I still have 2 hours before the submission is closed. However, when I click the enroll now button, it is not allowing me to fill in my details.

  • RE: Roadtesting stats

    Correctly pointed, Mark.


    I was just wondering, How can you apply for something you want to learn while doing Roadtest, Something like FPGA's for me; And convince that you can do the roadtest.


    As you yourself would be going through an extensive Learning…

  • RE: Neo Geo Pocket Color Video Out (DAC/FPGA)

    If anyone in the road test decides to build a VGA implementation, I'll try to play along.

    Not in the roadtest area itself - I'm using a Xilinx FPGA and the roadtest is an Altera initiative.

    Maybe in the FPGA group here on e14...