• Summer of FPGAs -- OrangeCrab Dev Bd


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    OrangeCrab is an electronics development board. It is FPGA based, featuring an ECP5 from Lattice...

  • Xilinx Spartan-7 FPGA Maker Board by Digilent giveaway

    I am after a review of Xilinx Spartan-7 FPGA board and now I am participating a the Path to Programmable training project. I would like to a give a Xilinx Arty S7 board from roadtest review for a person whose is interested to make a roadtest, project…

  • A Conversation About RoadTests, COVID-19, 100% Club, 2020 Results, Challenges, Tax Responsibility, Roadtester Q&A Webinar

    I periodically begin a conversation with the RoadTesters Group to give them my updates ( 1, 2, 3,) or discuss areas of interest I haven't done one in awhile, so I had some time today, and sat down and gathered my thoughts. Here it is:


    Catching Up and…

  • USB104 A7: Artix-7 FPGA Development Board


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    The first Digilent board to adhere to an industry-standard form factor, the USB104...

  • Cmod S7: Breadboardable Spartan-7 FPGA Module - Review

    I did this roadtest like a tutorial because could it help to other people.


    Little tutorial of FPGA with CMODS7

  • Summer of FPGAs -- Lattice MACHXO3LF Starter Kit


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    The MachXO3LF Starter Kit is a basic breakout board to allow simple evaluation and...

  • The Summer of FPGAs -- Lattice Semiconductor

    Summer of FPGAs

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    About Lattice Semiconductor

    Lattice Semiconductor is the low-power programmable leader. They solve customer problems across the network…

  • Xilinx Spartan-7 FPGA Maker Board by Digilent