• Text Not Appearing on Print

    Hey all,


    I'm learning when it comes to 3D printing and am having some difficulty.  I am creating a custom coin and it looks great in Fusion 360, however when I send it to my slicer program (QidiPrint being my default) the text I have on the coin does…

  • Need help! Printer not printing good circles

    Hello element14 community,


         I have a da Vinci Mini from XYZprinting. It was a Christmas present but it would not print circles, so I sent it back. This is my second one and I have not had any issues with it for over a year. Now this one is also starting…

  • What is the best program for converting .stl to .x3g



    I'm having som problems making my files into .x3g.

    Could somebody please help. That would be great.

  • Hi I'm having some problem with my 3d printer

    Hi I've just bought a cheap Chinese 3d printer.

    When I connect printer to my computer it comes to life (all lights are blinking and motors move on spot a bit) but when I try to print cura says detecting baud rate and nothing happens. I'm using windows…

  • started getting the bends

    its late at night just finished work and cant figure out why my prints are doing this anyone have any suggestions I know I should know whats up it did print fine before, like it wants to fly away on me.