• Cooling fan is turning on and off.

    Hi. I've just added a parts cooling fan to my diy 3d printer. It worked fine until the fan started to turn off and on again on its own. It ignores the fan speed setting and I can't even turn it off in Repetier host. I've tried a diferent fan but the result…

  • how to my A8 3D printer to print

    Hi I just got a new A8 3D printer for the Holidays. I finished setting it up checked all the motors every thing moves as it should. Then when I go to load gcode into the printer it will say it's printing but will not move any advise. Here is what I am…

  • Heater decoupled on homemade 3D printer.

    Helo, I've build a 3D printer, usualy it works fine but sometimes it just decouples the hot end heater.

    Firmware i'm using is Repetier and the error log displays this:


    11:43:08.703 : Error:One heater seems decoupled from thermistor - disabling all…

  • about delta 3d printer's frame material

    Hello element14

    i am a new member in this community, and i really admire the idea of the whole thing from the ben heck show who inspired me to be a member of this community to the idea of the community it's self

    so i wanted your opinion about sth, i…

  • Dual Extrusion Woes

    Hello all,


    This is my first post on element14, and it's a challenge I've been facing for months. I have a rebranded Makerbot Replicator 2 which i got from monoprice.com. Supporting documentation is scarce, but the motherboard has another driver slot and…

  • What function of 3D printing is more valuable to you: prototyping or rapid manufacturing?

    As 3D printing in the manufacturing space continues to evolve, where do you see the most value? Is it in creating and examining prototypes and custom parts, or manufacturing in bulk? Whether you use 3D printing for work or as a hobby, I'm interested to…

  • Finishing ABS printed Parts

    I printed a case for the Rephone from Seeed studio.When I removed the rafts and supports,there is no smoothness in the structure. I tried cold vapour acetone finishing but it made my case soft and flexible instead of smoothing out the outside.


    Any suggestions…

  • Ramps stepstick help

    Dear all


    I am currently building a delta 3d printer and have encountered some issues with ramps and my stepsticks. I am testing the ramps1.4 without any motors attached or stepsticks and it works totally fine no problems. If I insert one stepstick it is…

  • 3D Printing: About the extruder choice

    I write this short note, an abstract from the - in-print next October - issue of The Shed Magazine. I should admit that I had never though to this important detail without spending a lot of time in chat with trying to understand and solve the…

  • Extruder motor making noise but not working



    Recently I bought a 3d Printer and everything's working fine except for the extruder motor. It makes this loud ticking sound and back and forth a bit.

    I'm using a RAMPS 1.4 shield on an Arduino Mega 2560.


    Thanks in advance