• Responsive manufacturing during COVID-19

    New Season of Talking Additive Podcast: "Because the world needs 3D printing now"


    Season 3 premieres with Ultimakers CEO Jurgen von Hollen on the need for responsive manufacturing during COVID-19

    Talking Additive, the 3D printing podcast exploring…

  • What function of 3D printing is more valuable to you: prototyping or rapid manufacturing?

    As 3D printing in the manufacturing space continues to evolve, where do you see the most value? Is it in creating and examining prototypes and custom parts, or manufacturing in bulk? Whether you use 3D printing for work or as a hobby, I'm interested to…

  • Newark element14: now with 3D printers!

    Newark element14 now carries the 2nd Generation Cube 3D Printer from 3D Systems and accessories on newark.com - available in color of your choosing:


    Cube 3D Printer: SilverCube 3D Printer: Silver

    Cube 3D Printer: WhiteCube 3D Printer: White

    Cube 3D Printer…