• 3D printing service in Singapore

    I plan to 3d print my prototype box. Do anyone have suggestion for 3d printing service in Singapore?

    It also can be from anywhere but able to send to Singapore.

    Prefer cheap and good. No choice at tight budget



    In the Air design competition

  • Best software for 3D printing

    Hi all!


    I'm excitedly awaiting delivery of my new 3D printer (how cool those words sound!)  Its a makerbot, it arrives next week and I CANT wait!! 


    I'm new to this, I've got Sketchup downloaded and am working through it now to create a personalised…

  • Patent Expiration

    Hello All,

    I keep hearing that the major patent for 3D printing will be expired in Feb. 2014.

    1. What pataent and technology they are refering to? What is the patent number?

    2. What will be the effect of this on open sourde development?

    3. Is any body working…

  • The future of 3D printing?

    Being a bit of a tech nerd (or "wannabe" tech nerd at least) there aren't a whole lot of subjects that get my brain going like the technology of 3D printing. Granted the technology has been around for some time now, but it seems like in the last 18 months…

  • What function of 3D printing is more valuable to you: prototyping or rapid manufacturing?

    As 3D printing in the manufacturing space continues to evolve, where do you see the most value? Is it in creating and examining prototypes and custom parts, or manufacturing in bulk? Whether you use 3D printing for work or as a hobby, I'm interested to…

  • Opinion on 3D printer

    I am in the market for a 3D printer. I know how they work and some of the language associated with them, but the problem is I am still somewhat new to the 3D printing world and there are so many printers out there. I was wondering if I could get some…

  • T-Bone: A radically new 3D Printing electronics and firmware



    I am currently working on a project to create a new electronics and firmware for Reprap 3D Printers: The T-Bone.


    The T-Bone comes with a comprehensive feature set to drive a 'normal' rewrap 3D printer:

    12-24V operating voltage

    5 stepper motor…

  • Building a Massive 60inch 3D Printer

    Hi guys,


    I'm in need of a large 60inch cube 3D printer. As im in Australia, there really arent any 3D printed services. Ive done quite a alot of research and think I can stick one together. However, I'm going to need finding motors and controllers. As…

  • Near Chicago? Come 3D print, laser cut & CNC for FREE until Oct-20

    I visited the GE Garage in downtown Chicago for my 3rd time on Tuesday.  It's an amazing temporary TechShop with 3D printers, a laser cutter, CNC mills and even injection molding!  I highly recommend visiting if you are in the region before it closes…

  • 3D Printing Disasters

    An interesting post by Adafruit this morning:

    Have Epic 3D Print Fails to Share with the Flickr Group “The Art of 3D Print Failure”?


    When 3D prints go wrong and lessons from failure.

    Inspired by a blog post from RichRap, this group is meant as a show and…

  • Newark element14: now with 3D printers!

    Newark element14 now carries the 2nd Generation Cube 3D Printer from 3D Systems and accessories on newark.com - available in color of your choosing:


    Cube 3D Printer: SilverCube 3D Printer: Silver

    Cube 3D Printer: WhiteCube 3D Printer: White

    Cube 3D Printer…

  • 3D Printed Body Parts, BioPrinting.  It was just a matter of time.

    3D printed skin grafts and human organs are just the tip-of-the-iceberg!!  This showcases a fascinating marriage of biology and technology. 



    "Now, WFIRM is combining its expertise in culturing cells  and using inkjet printers with cell-based inks to…