• Export to .step.

    Should 3D export in circuit studio includes pads,texts and others to look the 3D realistic?

  • What is the 3D Print material density?

    Hi mates


    I have in mind the acquisition of a 3d Printer, and i was trying to make some numbers about costs.

    Though I just know the price of filament packs, I have only found the weight of these filament packs, but not the density.

    Could you point me in right…


    Saw my first Element vid in the dentist chair yesterday, signed up today and my question is...

    Where or who can I source to 3D scan. I am involved with a multi part swag project.

    I am in San Francisco and would like  to keep it local. Regards Dusty

  • Ideas on the best software to perform on operation on a 3D mesh

    I am trying to perform a certain operation on an irregular mesh from an STL file. I am trying to cover the top surface of an irregular object by another mesh of a uniform thickness. Ex1: covering a wooden mold with fiberglass of a uniform thickness. Remove…

  • How do you program the 3D printers

    Hi 3D Printer Experts,

    This is probably a trivial question but I would like to know more about how you tell the 3D printer what you want to make? Do you have to scan existing objects? Do you have to measure and input parameters into a driver program? I…

  • 3D Slicer Software

    Would it be possible to use 3D slicer software (for a 3D printer) and a laser cuter to cut out the layers (instead of a 3D printer)?




  • Selecting the appropriate printer

    I want to buy a 3D printer to be used to print architectural and engineering models.

    I am quite keen on the Cube Pro Trio. Does anyone have a review on this printer

    and is it the correct printer for my application. Thxz Trevern

  • Is any limits of build a 3d printer?



    I would like to know If I can change the size of the 3d printer original Kit just increasing the lenght of metal rods and the heating bed? what´s determins the size of the printing objects?


    Let´s say that I want to build a large 3d printer to prototype…

  • 3D printer print slant and wierd prints

    I've read about prints slanting and sliding due to belt loosening and have had that happen to myself, but I am now suffering an unusual setback as prints of my self designed pieces all slant at a continuous slope in the x axis, yet files I download from…

  • Which is the right program for 3D modeling?

    Hi everyone. I am in the process of making an enclosure for a project, but I would like to make a 3D model of it on the computer to see what it would look like. I am just a freshman in college so I do not have efficient money to buy good programs. I was…

  • Can your 3d printer print cloth?

    Recently, I have seen a news that 3d printed cloth is available now, and many models have already wore 3d clothes in the T stage show? Below are some pictures for your reference. So I was wondering which kind of 3d printer can print those clothes?

  • Projects sticking to my Build plate

    I recently got a 3-D Printer...  a replicator 2.. I was beside myself with glee.  I am a Mechanical Engineer and this was the End-All, Be-All to have as an engineer.  Or so I thought.. then i started using my printer..  and my projects would get stuck to…

  • Best software for 3D printing

    Hi all!


    I'm excitedly awaiting delivery of my new 3D printer (how cool those words sound!)  Its a makerbot, it arrives next week and I CANT wait!! 


    I'm new to this, I've got Sketchup downloaded and am working through it now to create a personalised…

  • Large Scale 3D Printing/ Multi Medium 3D printing

    I am seeing a lot of different 3D printers and all of wich are more compact and made to print small objects.  What i am wanting to know are there 3D printers that can be made for the home that can print large scale objects and if there are not then how…

  • 3D Printers for the home shop and User satisfaction.

    I have searched around a bit and have yet to find a discussion about the cheaper end 3D printer quality vs. user satisfaction.   If this discussion is already out there and I missed it, please feel free to point me in the right direction.


    I am getting closer…

  • The future of 3D printing?

    Being a bit of a tech nerd (or "wannabe" tech nerd at least) there aren't a whole lot of subjects that get my brain going like the technology of 3D printing. Granted the technology has been around for some time now, but it seems like in the last 18 months…

  • Ramps stepstick help

    Dear all


    I am currently building a delta 3d printer and have encountered some issues with ramps and my stepsticks. I am testing the ramps1.4 without any motors attached or stepsticks and it works totally fine no problems. If I insert one stepstick it is…

  • Prusa i3 Aluminium unexpected motion problem

    Hello, I am experiencing a very strange problem I find very difficult to identify and debug.

    On Geetech Prusa i3 Aluminium, I am working with sanguinololu board controller.


    A couple of days ago, a strange things happened coming me crazy. Starting a print…

  • 3D printer build volume

    I'm relatively new to 3d printing and am looking at it for a specific purpose. I want to print Armor! Full body armor. I could take the time to split up each piece into smaller pieces to fit in a retail printer with small build volume. But the stability…

  • Purge to change material on a Robox


    We're running a Robox printer currently with White PLA Material.  When we switched from the green ABS we ran the purge a few times until no more green could be seen.  We're on our second roll of white PLA and even now very oOccasionally get a speck…

  • 3D Print This Limited Edition Pi Case

    Hi Community members,


    If you haven't heard already (and we don't see how you couldn't have), the new Pi 2 is here! (and now the Raspberry Pi 3Raspberry Pi 3 which this case is also compatible with!)


    We know that a 3D printed case is just the…

  • 3D printer - list of resources

    I would create a list of the best resources about 3D printer.

    It could be interesting create more section es. BEST PRICE KIT, BEST PRICE of object with subtitle of single components, NEW TECHNOLOGY, INTERESTING VIDEO,....

    This is only a initial idea schema…