• Littelfuse Product News – 807 Series Fuse



    Littelfuse Introduces 807 Series TE Time-Lag Subminiature Fuses





    New Fuse series is ideal for ballast and commercial LED lighting applications







    The 807 Series of TE time-lag subminiature Fuses provide overcurrent protection on AC circuits. With  a high breaking…

  • Farnell adds new Littelfuse PLED5 family

    Farnell have recently introduced the latest technology Littelfuse PLED5 series


    This family provides three methods of increasing the relaibility of LED lighting:


    • If one LED in an array fails open, the PLED device provides an electronic path so the array…
  • Tyco Raychem Online Circuit Protection University

    Tyco Raychem Online Circuit Protection University


    With a 50+ year history of leadership, Tyco Electronics is a US$10.3 billion global provider of engineered electronic components for thousands of consumer and industrial products; network solutions and…