• Littelfuse Product News – 807 Series Fuse



    Littelfuse Introduces 807 Series TE Time-Lag Subminiature Fuses





    New Fuse series is ideal for ballast and commercial LED lighting applications







    The 807 Series of TE time-lag subminiature Fuses provide overcurrent protection on AC circuits. With  a high breaking…

  • Littelfuse Product News – 216SP Series Fast-Acting Single Pigtail Fuse







    Littelfuse Introduces 5x20mm-Size Fast-Acting Single Pigtail Fuse



    New ceramic-body Fuse has high interrupting capacity




    The new 216SP Series Fuse is the latest addition to the Littelfuse 216 Series Fuse family. This 5x20mm-size ceramic-body Fuse is designed…

  • Bourns TBU High Speed Protector Short Form

    BournsRegistered TBURegistered high-speed protectors are circuit
    protection devices constructed using MOSFET
    semiconductor technology. When placed in series in the
    system, the TBURegistered protector monitors the current flowing
    through the line. If the current exceeds a preset level…
  • Littelfuse 977 Series - Axial Lead and Cartridge Fuses

    5 x 20mm Ceramic-base time-lag Fuse



    The 977 Series is a ceramic-base 5 x 20mm-size fuse series with a 500V ac/450V dc interrupting rating.

    With its DC and AC characteristics, the 977 Series fuse is an ideal circuit protection solution for high energy applications…

  • New At Farnell - Tyco Raychem PESD & SESD Series ESD Suppressors



    Farnell are pleased to announce the launch of the Tyco Raychem PESD & SESD Series ESD Suppressors.




    Tyco Electronics offers a broad line of electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection devices designed to help shunt ESD away from sensitive circuitry and…

  • New At Farnell - Tyco Raychem SFF & SFS Series SMD Fuses


    Farnell are pleased to announce the launch of the new Tyco Raychem SFF & SFS series of surface mount fuses.




    Raychem Fast-Acting Chip Fuses (SFF Series)


    Raychem fast-acting chip fuses help protect equipment from damage caused by overcurrent conditions…