• USFF 1206- 50mA low power loss, precise acting fuse

    SCHURTER is expanding its extensive range of surface mount chip fuses with a unique model: the new 50 mA fuse in the USFF family clearly sets itself apart from standard commercial products through a lower voltage loss and an exact opening time. The USFF…

  • SCHURTER launches Compact high performance fuse for the protection of 3-phase systems

    SHT 6.3x32/ SHT 6.3x32 Pigtail


    Compact high performance fuse for the protection of 3-phase systems



    With the SHT 6.3x32, SCHURTER expands its range of high-voltage equipment fuses. The high breaking capacity of 1500 A at rated voltage opens up to many interesting…

  • Thermodisc - Microtemp - Thermal Fuses G4A, G5A & G7A


    Thermal Fuse Technical Info
    Upper limit temperature protection.
    MICROTEMP thermal cutoffs from Thermo-Disc offer an accurate, reliable solution to the need for upper limit temperature protection.  Known as a thermal fuse, thermal link or TCO, the MICROTEMP…
  • SCHURTER presents ASO Solar Fuse

    New ASO solar fuse (gPV)
    Meets both IEC 60269-6 and UL 2579 photovoltaic standards
    The ASO meets both IEC 60269-6 and UL2579 standards for the protection of photovoltaic systems, thus it is qualified for use according to the latest gPV requirements.
  • Surge Protection - The Basics

    If the mains voltage to a device is increased over the rated value then significant damage can be caused. Lightning activity in electrical storms can cause the mains voltage to massively increase for very short periods and these lightning induced surges…
  • Littelfuse 508 Series ceramic cartridge fuse

    Littelfuse 508 series,

    Littelfuse Introduces 508 Series 6.3x32mm Size Fuses for 1000V AC/DC



    Used  as supplementary protection in appliance or utilisation equipment to  provide individual protection for components and internal circuits.  suitable for multimeters…

  • Panasonic EYP series Thermal Cut Off (TCO)Panasonic



                    Panasonic Thermal Cut Off (TCO)


    TCO is compact and insulated, featuring quick temperature response, and mountable in a small space without insulation or protection. TCO opens reliably when the equipment becomes abnormal, and is not resettable.
    The Axial…