• Why STM32 sold by Farnell France are 30% more expensive than Farnell UK?

    I checked prices yesterday:


    Order Code
    Farnell.co.uk (£)
    Farenll.co.uk (€) Farnell.fr (€)
    1760638MURATA - TZB4R500AB10R00£0.780.92 €1.49 €+62%
    1838504ST - STM32F100C4T6B£1.531.81 €2.33 €+29%
    1824325ST - STM32 EVAL£6.808.02 €10.54 €+31%



                         This is pushpa associated with J-tech India .we are working with RIOT board for one of my project . I was trying to boot the board by taking demo image i was trying to load Linux by using MFG tool . i kept the board to eMMC mode according to the user…

  • choix d'un "datalogger" pour signaux logiques < 1 MHz

    Bonjour, je suis à la recherche d'une carte qui pourrait

    • enregistrer environ 30 signaux logiques de l'ordre d' 1 MHz ou moins, donc 2 Mega échantillons / seconde max, réglable
    • trigger / déclencher sur un signal
    • enregistrer ce qui s'est passé…
  • NXP MCUs, Nand and Linux

    I come from a competitor to NXP so I want to gather information on which to base the choice of a new development board.


    Recently I found the need for more rom space, this was addressed with an SD card. But as anyone knows, SD cards are not suitable for…

  • ARM Cortex A series: NEON


    I'v asked theses questions on the Devkit forum but maybe it wasn't the best place to post it:


    (1) Where should I look to get more information on the NEON engine?

    (2) Is the NEON a sophisticated FPU or it is really something different?

  • Microcontrollers, SoC's, CPU's, ARM and programming of those things

    Hello everyone,


    Up to now, I have been programming 8 bit AVRs (in C). I now ordered Raspberry Pi and I want to switch on to a little more advanced chips (eg. ARM in RPi and AVR32).

    I have trouble understanding how all the "more advanced" chips work and…

  • Which peripheral firmware library function to be used?

    Hi all,


    Could anyone point me to a tutorial on which relevent  ARM peripheral firmware library to be used for a specific usage, eg: reading an SD card?

    I am currenltly working on a project using STM32F103VET6STM32F103VET6. This is my first time trying with…

  • Implementation of Neural network (trained in MATLAB) in Microcontroller

    Hi all,

    I want to dump my neural network on any controller like PIC AVR or ARM..

    I made the network in MATLAB using NFTOOL now,I have simulink file and I want to generate equivalent  "C" code.

    and that code compile I want to dump in micro-controller…

  • Interested to see the first Kinetis (Cortex M4 based MCU) demos live ?

    Electronica is only few days away. Come and stop either at the Farnell booth or at the Freescale booth and you will get a chance to see the first Kenetis MCUs demo.


    We are also working on a nice proposal to reward the element-14 fan. Stay tuned ! More…

  • How to buy a JTAG..?



    I have a customized board based on TI Sitara AM3352 Cortex A8. i wanna debug it using JTAG but i am confused about which JTAG device should i buy.




  • uC/OS-iii - STM32F107 - IAR non-working workspace

    Hi there!,


    I have bought the book for uc/OS-III for the port to STM32F107, as well as the board.

    For the STM32F107 workspace examples provided, I could not open the provided workspace in any of the IAR EWARM versions I have tried without importing and compilation…

  • ARM Programming

    I am a high school student, who is experienced in Arduino and AVR Programming. Now I want to extend my abilities and go for ARM. Could anyone please suggest me a website or from where I can learn ARM Programming on my own. I don't care about the company…

  • advice on arm cortex-m embedded hardware


    I would like to start programming arm cortex-m microcontrollers. the problem I am currently facing is that there is a sea of development boards or prototyping boards with cortex m3 or m4.



    • I would like the option to program in just C, instead…
  • keil problem

    Hiii Everyone

           I am using keil uvision 5 without licence just downloaded from keil.com.I am a student now i got a project on stepper motor driver using tm4c123gxl,first i want to know is keil uvision 5 without licence suppots cortex m4 series or not because…

  • On what factors does the voltage requirement of an ic depends?

    In electronics, we have set certain standards of voltages like most ic and microcontrollers run on 5 volts ,others like arm run on 3.3 volts.My question is, what are the factors that help us decide these voltages. I mean what factors are preventing us…

  • Interfacing RFID with Freedom board KL-25Z

    Can someone explain how to interface the rfid module with the freedom board kl-25z.

  • Which Microcontroller?

    I am a college student and I want to do a course on embedded system but i can't decide which microcontroller to choose. I already know AVR very well. Please help me decide out of PIC and ARM microcontroller. Which one is better and would help me boost…

  • New to embedded systems

    I've got no idea if this is the right place to post this; the options available are too limited.


    I've been watching the Ben Heck Show for a couple months and it's hard to follow sometimes having no knowledge of this stuff. I recently decided that it…

  • STM32 MCUs Programming


    I am trying to get started with the programming of STM32 MCUs. I have bought a Nucleo board which has a STM32F411RE MCU on it. I have downloaded the Keil ARM MDK development environment. I have studied the datasheet of the STM32F411RE. I am going…

  • Workshop Places Available at UK Device Developers' Conference



    just to let you know that there are a few places remaining on each of the 1/2 day workshops at this year's Device Developers' Conference.


    Bristol (May20th), Cambridge (May22nd), Manchester (June 3rd) and Scotland (Uphall June 5th).


    More information…

  • North America: TI Tech Summits

    fyi - I just signed up for this:

    ICs Training - Engineering Workshop - Tech Summits 2014 - TI.com

    Check out TI’s latest analog ICs and embedded processors. Attend technical sessions led by leading experts, receive hands-on training, and return to work…

  • Who wants some STM32?

    I recently attended a ST seminar on their low power STM32 L1 Discovery board (ARM Cortex M3) along with a NFC/RFID dev kit:

    I'm going to give both dev boards for free it to one lucky Community member (sorry, no minors, you must be 18 years of age or…

  • "Arduino vs. Raspberry Pi vs. CubieBoard vs. Gooseberry vs. APC Rock vs. OLinuXino vs. Hackberry A10"

    FYI - just saw this via twitter:


    "Arduino vs. Raspberry Pi vs. CubieBoard vs. Gooseberry vs. APC Rock vs. OLinuXino vs. Hackberry A10"


  • congatec AG ernennt Prevas AB zum Vertriebs- und Technologie-Partner für die nordische Region


    congatec AG

    Christian Eder

    Telefon: +49-991-2700-0






    Bettina Lerchenmüller

    Telefon: +49-8106-24 72 33




    Besuchen Sie uns auf der embedded world Halle…

  • congatec AG appoints Prevas AB as sales technology partner for the Nordic region

    Reader Enquiries:

    congatec AG

    Christian Eder

    Phone: +49-991-2700-0




    Press Contact:

    PRismaPR (UK, Scandinavia + Benelux)

    Monika Cunnington

    Phone: +44-20-8133 6148





    Bettina Lerchenmüller…