• Why STM32 sold by Farnell France are 30% more expensive than Farnell UK?

    I checked prices yesterday:


    Order Code
    Farnell.co.uk (£)
    Farenll.co.uk (€) Farnell.fr (€)
    1760638MURATA - TZB4R500AB10R00£0.780.92 €1.49 €+62%
    1838504ST - STM32F100C4T6B£1.531.81 €2.33 €+29%
    1824325ST - STM32 EVAL£6.808.02 €10.54 €+31%
  • STM32F2 LSE RTC crystal issue: Can anyone help?



    We use the STM32F2 for a project and have problems with the LSE crystal.


    We use a Citizen CMR200T32.768KDZF-UTCMR200T32.768KDZF-UT crystal (32.768kHz, CL=6pF, Farnell Nr. 1652560) wich has a gain margin of 6.1 (according to the ST application note…

  • Javascript, Python meets "bare metal"

    I've noticed a new trend of microcontroller boards that enable easy-to-use languages like Javascript and Python.  These languages are interpreted so they are great for rapid prototyping and debugging.  They also open hardware projects to a new market…

  • Who wants some STM32?

    I recently attended a ST seminar on their low power STM32 L1 Discovery board (ARM Cortex M3) along with a NFC/RFID dev kit:

    I'm going to give both dev boards for free it to one lucky Community member (sorry, no minors, you must be 18 years of age or…

  • [STM32] Sending data via USB using ST LIBRARY

    I have got a problem with USB transition using STM32_USB-FS-Device_Lib. The problem is that I am loosing reports during  transition. Maybe I do not wait for some bit to be cleared or something else but I cannot find the solution on my own. I have based…
  • ARM & The Future Of Microcontrollers Seminar

    Each year a large ARM event is held, co-sponsored by ARM & Hitex (UK) LTD, who between them assemble all the major semiconductor vendors on ARM products together under one roof. Each year the event changes slightly but there is usually a keynote speach…

  • Win a 3 days trip to Rome with STM32

    Make the best open application with a STM32Nucleo or a STM32Discovery board and win a 3 days trip to Rome to showcase your creation at the ST's Maker Faire Rome 15 booth !


    Submit your project by September 27st latest on Facebook/STM32

    1st prize includes…