• Relays

    Help needed!!

    Hello, I'm looking to acquire an impulse latching relay.... I've checked RS components but can't seem to find any. The relay needs to be PCB mounted and have a low coil voltage (ideally 3v but this can be upped). Does anyone have any suppliers…

  • Help with Making a RPM tacho Shift Light circuit open a 12v Relay

    Hi everyone, i have a few adjustable Tachometer Shift light Circuits that i want to use to turn on a relay when the led turns on.

    The way they are set up now:
    You can adjust the desired rpm Shift light value with a pot then when that rpm is reached the…

  • Help Using WS2811 to drive 12v RGB LED strip

    Greetings all,


    I am creating a lighting project that I want to have a wall display with large (15" x 20") panels and each panel acts as its own "pixel" (controlled by one WS2811).


    I had purchased 12v RGB LED strips with 30 LEDs per meter…

  • Using a 12V lipo to power LED strip and Attiny 85

    Hi, I'm trying to reproduce this tutorial, https://learn.adafruit.com/rgb-led-strips/usage, but power it off an 12V 5Ah battery and use an Attiny 85 instead of an arduino uno.

    I have it all working, but I'm running the Attiny 85 microcontroller off…

  • led driver circuit

    I need some help with a circuit I need to drive 10 white leds from a 3.7v 2200mAh lipo battery it sounds simple but it has to be able to fit in a small container aproximity 1inch square and not produce a lot of heat,  its for my son's night im making.…

  • Start a led on a sertent voltage


    Do enyone know how i can make a led turn on that uses 3 volts, when a voltage has reached 330volts?

    I am trying to make a indicator turn on when a capasitor is full..

    Thanks for eny help!

  • need help finding the right sensor

    I am the one working on the ping pong table and I have come to a halt. jason721 helped me by showing me inductive technology to try I am at a standstill at trying to figure it out. I don't have much money for any kits to learn how to use it and I have…

  • light up ping pong table

    Hi. My friends and I have always loved ping pong and I have though of a way to make it better. I am somewhat new to programming and designing, but I am looking to start off by building a light up ping pong table. the design would feature( or would like…

  • Usually closed tac switch



    I am very new to electronics and as such, I have no clue what most of the components are actually called. I want a tactile switch that breaks the connection when you press it, and allows the connection when it is not pressed. I have no idea what…

  • Voltage Doubler Circuit to light a LED with a single AAA battery

    I told myself this morning if I did not have this solved by tonight myself I would post it on element14  :-) as a Holiday puzzle.  It seems simple enough....


    The school my grandson goes to gives out little awards from time to time and he recently selected…

  • Has anyone got a diagram for LED's for DLP NIRscan stsnd-off head

    Hi I have made the 3D printed optical stand off head for the DLP NIRscan, now I want to add the LED's. I am assuming they would be wired into the small connector on the top board. Does anyone know the spec for the LED's and know the plug type for this…

  • Multicomp TLL-6 LED values



    I can't find details for LED in the MULTICOMP  TLL-62BYTLL-62BY I'd need to know the forward voltage and current in order to pickup the right resistance value





  • How to Convert Response of (Photodetector,OPT301) Output Voltage(V) to Irradiance (W/m2)


    Need help on this

    How to Convert Response of (Photodetector,OPT301) Output Voltage(V) to Irradiance (W/m2) when LED wavelength = 450nm

    In the datasheet only has the wavelength = 650nm curve





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