• Crypto Mining on FPGA Board!

    I was wondering if I could somehow do some crypto mining on my Arty S7-50 board. I know that it might not be much profitable. ASICs are better for this job. But I want to try it just for education purposes.

    What does the members think? Will it be profitable…

  • Correct way to use large arrays on MicroBlaze based microcontroller (Arty S7)

    I have been trying to implement an image processing algorithm (blurring an image) on my MicroBlaze based design. My block design is shown below:

    Block Design

    And here is my code:

    #include <stdlib.h>
    #include <sleep.h>
    #include <xil_types.h>
    #include <xparameters…

  • How to write the contents of a text file to DDR RAM on the Arty S7-50 board (or any fpga)?

    I am trying to load a image directly to the DDR SDRAM on the Art S7 board. I have converted the jpg image into a txt file containing the integer RGB values for each pixel in separate lines. The file is as shown below:


    Then I created a block design in…

  • Why a value assigned to a the "BASEADDR" memory location in BRAM getting assigned to its next memory location automatically?


    I am trying to assign values to local BRAM memory locations and reading it back. I am using the basic microcontroller preset given in Vivado. I assigned a value "0x758F" to the base address defined in the "xparameters.h". And then I tried to read back…

  • 7 Ways to Leave Your Spartan-6 Challenge - What Toolchain version are you using?

    It appears that some challengers have received their Arty S7 boards (lots of recent blogs).

    Since I'm currently ruminating about an issue that I think most of us will face - I thought it would be a good topic for discussion.

    These boards are 2017 vintage…