• UltraZed-EV Starter Kit: What clock to use for PL-DDR clocking


    what clock is suposed to be used for DDR4 in PL on the UltraZed-EV Starter Kit? 


  • UltraZed-EV dead on arrival


    We bought 2 UltraZed-EVs with carrier cards, but one of them was dead on arrival. It does not boot like the other one in any boot mode. However, I can hook it up to Vivado (2021.2) with JTAG and correctly read the metrics and even program it with…

  • UltraZed-EV RoadTest part DEUX!

    Hi all,


    I wanted to start a discussion about the UltraZed-EV Starter Kit RoadTest!


    Due to the awesome feedback and GREAT quality of the members that were participating, we were able to gain access to a second kit for the RoadTest!

    You can see the official…