• Upcoming Azure Sphere Technical Webinar, and Rev2 Azure Sphere Starter kits available for purchase!

    Hi All,

    I invite anyone interested in IoT and IoT Security to sign up for the upcoming 3-part webinar featuring Microsoft's Azure Sphere MCU starting on Jan 20th.  The webinar will take a deep dive into recent development tools that make Azure Sphere…

  • How to secure a linux device with physical access?

    Hi everyone,

    I am working on an IoT product, that runs on a small Linux based ARM computer, which  will be running in the customers house/network. Just like most IoT products.


    I have done everything that I can to secure it against attacks via the network…

  • Is IoT Security a Non-Issue?

    In an ever increasing world of connectivity the rise of The Internet of Things has sparked questions around security.

    More and more devices are being connected to the internet and smart homes are becoming more and more common place. I'm sure many people…

  • How to get started with Internet of Things?

    How to get started with Internet of Things? (I am interested in low-cost starter kits solutions)

    Thank you.

  • What kind of software tools are you using to combine data from multiple sensors?

    What products are out there? Are they effective? What can they do better to assist?

  • In what kinds of applications do you think sensors will have the biggest impact?

    Interested to hear your thoughts.

  • New IoT developer device in the making

    Hi guys!


    We've been developing this new IoT developer device with built-in sensors and mobile connectivity that can be used for tracking and monitoring different things. To try and make the thing as good as we can for IoT developers, we're trying to…

  • HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensor interface Arduino

    Does HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensor cause harmful effects, when exposed towards human beings ??

  • Using Omron Thermal Sensor

    Hello Friends,


    Has anyone used OMRON D6T thermal sensor to detect the presence of stationary human beings ?




  • Sensor to detect Human Presence

    Hello Friends,


                        Is there any sensor to detect human presence . Am aware of PIR (Passive Infra Red) sensor , which would human motion but not the human presence . Another way is by using image processing technique. Kindly suggest me a better solution

  • Internet of Things: Do you believe in Smart watch as a complementary device to your smartphone?

    Smart watches are connected platforms used for interacting with smartphones and potentially other connected devices to complete a variety of tasks, from retrieving SMS messages and emails to streaming music and screening calls .


    It's a new product category…

  • Embedded 4G modem options?

    Hi all, I’ve a project coming up that’s a great candidate for some remote reporting of operational data, not too high volume I think, but covering quite a wide area, so despite me being keen to try a LoRa solution, I know that really I need to go with…

  • Temboo reviews and experiences

    How many people here have used temboo? Please review it here. 


    I was thinking of using it for a project using my CC3200 Launchpad.


    How have been your experiences using it? how good is the support? Is it reliable? How is the up time?


    Any better alternative…

  • Regarding Better Future in IoT

    I am a B.Tech passout 2015 student and has lot of interest in the emerging field of Internet of Things. I saw various projects of Jeremy blum and Charlotte and i am really inspired by them. Want to know more how can  i gain more in this field.

  • IoT platform for professionals and makers

    Hello fellow IoT enthusiasts,


    I'm Daan Pape, the founder of DPTechnics (https://dptechnics.com) and BlueCherry (https://BlueCherry.io).


    We developed an IoT modem, called the DPT-Board. It is a WiFi enabled Linux computer equipped with lots of GPIO and…

  • Win an xCORE-USB sliceKIT worth $199

    Theres one week left to enter the competition over on the XCore Exchange Community to win one of three xCORE-USB sliceKITs. Its the usual 'tell us your project idea' style competition. You just have to register, put in your project idea (that would use…

  • Will the real impact of IoT be through things we don't see?

    "The real impact of IoT will not be the things we see" said Steve Nelson, Director of Marketing Programs at Freescale.


    Consumer focused items get a lot of press since people can see and relate to them.  But it will be the things that we don’t…

  • steal router passwords- insecure connected kettles

    Connected kettles boil over, spill Wi-Fi passwords over London

    A security man has mapped and hacked insecure connected kettles across London, proving they can leak WiFi passwords.

    The iKettle is designed to save users precious seconds spent waiting for…

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