• Resistor rating for IR LED for WiFi IoT remote


    I was pondering this, and searching into the webs and on the lines, and then realized I have this awesome community of smart people here that probably already know the answers!

    Short version:
    Are 1/4 watt resistors enough to pulse an LED at 1 amp…

  • Upcoming Azure Sphere Technical Webinar, and Rev2 Azure Sphere Starter kits available for purchase!

    Hi All,

    I invite anyone interested in IoT and IoT Security to sign up for the upcoming 3-part webinar featuring Microsoft's Azure Sphere MCU starting on Jan 20th.  The webinar will take a deep dive into recent development tools that make Azure Sphere…

  • IoT: is it hip(e) or reality?

    Very often we are so involved with and read about IoT as practitioners and not as teh common person. I thought I would post an article about this from the perpective of financial people looking in. Please post other outsider views you can find.

    Is the…

  • How to secure a linux device with physical access?

    Hi everyone,

    I am working on an IoT product, that runs on a small Linux based ARM computer, which  will be running in the customers house/network. Just like most IoT products.


    I have done everything that I can to secure it against attacks via the network…

  • Wireless IoT device

    Some time ago Erik created the Digispark, and then went on to create a few more projects.

    News - Digistump


    I've backed each of his projects and been more than impressed over the kickstarter and more importantly the support during and even after the kickstarter…

  • CC3200: F2F training/other

    Hi all,


    First post, hope I'm in the right place (?)

    Developing some IOT projects using CC3200. First involves audio streaming via home AP in wireless router.

    Have 2xLaunchpad and 2xAudioBooster and studying WIFI audio streaming example and other.


  • Is IoT Security a Non-Issue?

    In an ever increasing world of connectivity the rise of The Internet of Things has sparked questions around security.

    More and more devices are being connected to the internet and smart homes are becoming more and more common place. I'm sure many people…

  • How to get started with Internet of Things?

    How to get started with Internet of Things? (I am interested in low-cost starter kits solutions)

    Thank you.

  • What kind of software tools are you using to combine data from multiple sensors?

    What products are out there? Are they effective? What can they do better to assist?

  • In what kinds of applications do you think sensors will have the biggest impact?

    Interested to hear your thoughts.

  • RFID reader

    Where can i get an RFID reader, which can interface with Arduino and also has an read/write range of around 1 meter ?? 

  • Internet of Things: Do you believe in Smart watch as a complementary device to your smartphone?

    Smart watches are connected platforms used for interacting with smartphones and potentially other connected devices to complete a variety of tasks, from retrieving SMS messages and emails to streaming music and screening calls .


    It's a new product category…

  • Developing a website based on IoT

    Hi, I'm new here and I am learning about IoT so I want to build my own website and use something like adfruit or thinkpeek as my data analytics, but i don't know how I would link both of them. any thought? could someone help me?

  • How to learn IoT from zero ?

    Hello gaes.


    I'am a college student, I want to learn about IoT, what should I know first.
    i am now learning about arduino and c ++.

    Thanks all.

  • Arduino Yun + GPRS Shield v3.0/Cellular Network Connection

    Hi all,


    I want to make internet connection with using my arduino yun and gprs shield to the cellular network.


    GPRS Shield V3.0 - Wiki 

    I can make phone call and send sms successfully. However, I couldn't connect…

  • Where do you store/hide your AES keys used for embedded encypt and decrypt?

    In a scenario where you have two embedded systems talking to each other,

    and you want to encrypt/decrypt the data with AES,

    where/how do you store the AES key in your firmware sources?


    If I put my aes-128-ecb in my source code of my firmware like this:



  • Design Scenario: An IoT Solution to Prevent Rhinoceros Poaching?

    I friend of mine took a vacation to Africa recently and told me about the Rhinoceros's she saw. She thinks the rhinos are cute and beautiful and told me all about the rhino poaching that has been occurring for years.


    Whether rhinos are cute or not…

  • Reinventing the Internet of Things: A Thought Experiment

    As discussed in no small part here on element14, and across the big fat Internets, the IoT is simultaneously fantastic, the "next big thing", and also fraught with problems.


    These include things like security and standardised protocols. Gaps…

  • beagle bone+texas instruments dual mode bluetooth evaluation mode

    hi i need help in making this project work. I have the following equipment.


    CC256XQFNEMCC256XQFNEM Texas Instruments dual mode Bluetooth evaluation module

    EFM32 Giant Gecko starter kit from silicon labs

    Biometric evaluation board from silicon labs


  • Nokia 5110 LCD and Json Parser on ESP8266

    This is the best example i've found so far to work on the modules with GPIO broken out.

    It is simple bit banging of SPI, which gets around some of the issues using the HSPI port, and pin 15 being tied to ground, pullups etc.



  • IoT platform for professionals and makers

    Hello fellow IoT enthusiasts,


    I'm Daan Pape, the founder of DPTechnics (https://dptechnics.com) and BlueCherry (https://BlueCherry.io).


    We developed an IoT modem, called the DPT-Board. It is a WiFi enabled Linux computer equipped with lots of GPIO and…

  • IoT Developer Survey - Last day to participate... and win gift certificates!



    I had been blogging about this last month, but as a reminder today is the last day to participate to our IoT Developer Survey.

    It will take only 5 minutes of your time and you can win gift certificates to buy some nice IoT gadgets :-)


    We would like to…

  • IoT privacy: Can it be?

    I read this blog recently and see some bad news for us. As in USA! Seems like the capitalists and money changers get the say before the common folks. This article points out the real issue is privacy more than security. If the information lands on a secure…

  • Private Internet of Things (PrIoT) Manifesto



    I would like to share with you the Private Internet of Things (PrIoT) Manifesto, which takes notice of serious privacy concerns involved in storing lots of sensor data by big corporations in centralized databases. I am proposing the new paradigm…

  • The future of DIY devices

    Hi Guys,

    I am part of monoLit, a young Danish start-up.

    The 21. Oct. 2014 on Kickstarter, we’ll introduce our new device: mono.

    A matchbox sized programmable computer that connects to almost anything imaginable. It is Arduino compatible and lets creative…