• Upcoming Azure Sphere Technical Webinar, and Rev2 Azure Sphere Starter kits available for purchase!

    Hi All,

    I invite anyone interested in IoT and IoT Security to sign up for the upcoming 3-part webinar featuring Microsoft's Azure Sphere MCU starting on Jan 20th.  The webinar will take a deep dive into recent development tools that make Azure Sphere…

  • How to secure a linux device with physical access?

    Hi everyone,

    I am working on an IoT product, that runs on a small Linux based ARM computer, which  will be running in the customers house/network. Just like most IoT products.


    I have done everything that I can to secure it against attacks via the network…

  • Wireless IoT device

    Some time ago Erik created the Digispark, and then went on to create a few more projects.

    News - Digistump


    I've backed each of his projects and been more than impressed over the kickstarter and more importantly the support during and even after the kickstarter…

  • Is IoT Security a Non-Issue?

    In an ever increasing world of connectivity the rise of The Internet of Things has sparked questions around security.

    More and more devices are being connected to the internet and smart homes are becoming more and more common place. I'm sure many people…

  • Reinventing the Internet of Things: A Thought Experiment

    As discussed in no small part here on element14, and across the big fat Internets, the IoT is simultaneously fantastic, the "next big thing", and also fraught with problems.


    These include things like security and standardised protocols. Gaps…

  • CC3200 ssl demo without loading CA into SFLASH



    I am working on CC3200 and trying to connect to webserver securely (SSL). I have followed the guide lines at




    and was able to connect to google server successfully.


    But now my requirement…

  • IoT privacy: Can it be?

    I read this blog recently and see some bad news for us. As in USA! Seems like the capitalists and money changers get the say before the common folks. This article points out the real issue is privacy more than security. If the information lands on a secure…

  • Data Encryption: Is Security a major threat for Internet of Things?

    EE Times published 130 stories and blogs in 2013 about Internet of Things. About one every other work day. Fifty of those stories got more than 2,000 views each, the top 20 got at least 5,000, and the top 10 were each viewed 10,000 times or more. Interesting…

  • Advance your IoT Security | Part 1 - Protected Keys on Broad-Market MCUs

    About This Course

    For the IoT edge device, the cryptographic keys used to perform the services such as encrypted boot, onboarding and over the air updates are critical components that must be protected. Chip level hardware protected keys are the standard…

  • IoT Security

    Here's a fun thread on IoT security gone wrong:




    In a nutshell: It seems that if you use GET requests (ie, what looks like a regular website URL) to make an IoT device do something, there is…